8 things you need to know when you start trading (above)

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When you start forexcashbackcalculator, here are 8 things you need to know East forex cashback be aware of 1. Its easy to overtrade / "Overtrade" you may have heard it before, cashback forex what does it mean? One of the biggest things I realized as I became a more experienced trader was cashbackforexbtc I tended to overtrade in the first few years of trading, and I some Eastforexcashbacks didnt realize that the reason for convincing to trade was very simple, and convincing myself that there was a sound reason after any given trade, but the real test of trading is whether it meets the criteria of your trading strategy and trading plan. Assuming, of course, that you have mastered a trading method and that you have established a trading plan In short, overtrading is any trading that you do outside of your already established trading strategy and trading plan This is a very easy mistake to make, especially for the initial trader, and a very expensive one 2. Wasting time on indicators / Many initial traders, will I know that indicators look very "fancy" and attractive, but when you really start to study them, their existence can make you feel that the market has become more complicated for people in the trading industry and some Some traders fall in the market because they are interested in these "indicators" If you can think deeper on your own, you will find that all indicators are derived from price Of course, moving averages can quickly catch our eye on where to go and value support and resistance levels, but you dont need to use any indicators other than a few basic ones such as moving averages if you cant read and trade based on the original price behavior of the chart. Trading, then you need to rely on secondary data, which shows is not ideal 3, short time frames are very dangerous / these points are interrelated For example, overtrading is usually caused by looking at small time frames, such as below an hour chart staring at a 5 minute or even 30 minute chart will make you overtrade, because you will think you see a bunch of signals but in reality it is just the market The noise of potential trades in these short time frames will actually produce more failures and far less important than signals with longer time frames Therefore, you may have a good trade setup and meet your trading plan criteria, but on short time frames charts that dont hold much weight 4. Trading takes time and space to play / Many traders dont give their trades the time and space that This is bad after setting up a trade, have more patience to give the trade the space and time to be able to show itself, and once the trade starts, dont falter and let yourself forget about it as much as possible

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