After 8 years of foreign exchange trading some of my personal insights

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wait cashback forexg for the trend to form, looking for the right time to buy or sell, a reasonable position, a clear stop-loss space, strict cashbackforexbtc bold execution, probability mentality - my forexcashbackcalculator rules! The most important: write to the newcomers just entering the market or love trading, has been exploring the road of friends, first according to the amount of money they Eastforexcashback invest in the size of a reasonable trading varieties (stocks, futures, foreign exchange) to choose a suitable for their own predecessors once to the road to success, many successful trading people have trading experience to share some views may be tit-for-tat, the conditions are different, are correct The following East forex cashback an outline of the three steps of trading trading include: 1. Forecasting: help traders decide which side to be on when entering the market, buy or sell? 2. Choosing the time to enter and exit the market: determine the specific entry and exit points, when to act and how to act? 3. Money management: the amount of money to buy or sell money management and trading strategies 1. how much money to allocate to invest or risk in the market? The money in the market to earn, but their own capital no matter how much may be lost, the initial market to take the smallest operable funds to risk, such as the foreign exchange market, from 100 U.S. dollars to start trading, after the loss and then into 100 U.S. dollars, even if you can be used to invest the amount of their own funds is relatively large, do not exceed 1%, so you can ensure that you persist in the road to stable profit mode of exploration, if you love If you love trading 2, the use of stop-loss instructions stop-loss importance of not much to say, the principle of stop-loss settings: allow a certain margin of swing, in proving their analysis wrong when they can close their positions in time, each time the maximum loss can not exceed 10% to calculate the size of the position 3, the trade-off between profit and loss ratio to consider a transaction, the potential for profit must be at least 3 times the possible loss before we can put into practice 4. What to do after the success or failure phase? If you have already made enough to double your original capital, do you use the profits to double your trading position? How many times the profit reached when how much money out? 5, trading strategy (1) determine the trend (2) after a wave of trend unfolding, there is a clear adjustment structure and end, is a better time to enter the market (3) use the trend indicators as a means of self-discipline, to ensure that you are on the right side of an important trend I divided the transaction into three major parts, the first method second capital management third Implementation of this is my growth logic is also the growth of many peoples journey, when you start to feel some effective methods, and then in contact with the money management, and finally the implementation; this, money management is the easiest to learn, because he is a fixed model, so many people can learn and learn quickly, just flip through the books on this can understand the contents; why is the method difficult? The reason is because there is an abstract concept trend is an abstract concept, he and life, a lot of people are talking about life but everyone is saying the right and wrong why? Because everyones values are different; trend is the same, many people talk about the trend, the same subject matter, everyones judgment of the trend of different standards, so the answer is also a variety of; finally, the implementation of the difficult many people more trading about the mindset, I can only say that the mindset is only a small element of the implementation of the scope, I put the method, the content outside of money management are attributed to the implementation of why the implementation of the difficult? This can I two years, only to understand, each time the implementation is a test of human nature each single will test your fear and adventurous, each stop loss is a test of your risk control ability, each profit is a test of your knowledge of greed, and so on Trading is difficult, harder than the sky! Follow the trend, if you choose the keywords in this, what will you choose? Everyones values are not the same, so treat the same thing judgment is not the same! Potential: trading five years or less will choose potential I spent five years to know what is potential, potential is the state of the market, the process of identifying the state of the market is also the process of identifying the trend, with the knowledge of the trend before the Shun Shun: trading between five and eight years will choose the Shun Shun, Shun is to do, after the ability to identify the state of the market is how to do? What kind of trend can follow? What kind of trend can not follow? When I got through this stage, I thought I was successful! However, by the end of the decade, I was unable to overcome the obstacles! Thats why Im writing this article to ask for guidance from the best! For: eight years later, when you know, what is homeopathic, what is counter-trend, you also know how to do to make money, but you find that you can not for! For is the implementation, you can once or twice or even a dozen times hundreds of times the implementation of your transactions, but, to stretch the time, you are ultimately for not! I often say to people who come to me for advice on a topic, the easiest thing in the world is to eat, the hardest thing in the world is still to eat! They say why? They say why? I say, "If you eat breakfast at 8:00 in the morning, can you do it? The answer is: a person can! What about two days in a row at 8:00 a.m.? How about 10 days in a row? How about a month in a row? How about a year in a row? What about ten years in a row? Im afraid there are not many people who can do it, right? Trading is a rigorous system engineering, it has: risk control, money management, trading methods, knowledge of the market, knowledge of the trading system, knowledge of their own, knowledge of rational and irrational and so on these components of the system engineering interlocked like the barrel theory, you have a short board on one of them, it will eventually take you to destruction! Along the way experienced a lot of hope and disappointment, the time of extreme despair, there are also regrets to choose this road, now out, of course, will feel the value of 8 years, took some detours, so write their own advice, I hope that those who come later do not repeat their detours, even if only one person because they see their own advice less take their own detours, I am also pleased with a paragraph of the same text different experiences of people Read, will focus on different content, understanding is not the same, the opening paragraph I have said all their own trading methods, all dry goods, followed by some specific recommendations, along the lines of the previous talk about the short term and medium and long term, short term and medium and long term is just not the same operating cycle, the method is the same, the timing of entry to put more effort, try to do medium and long term trading, medium and long term trading to the weekly and daily observation trend, in Four-hour, one-hour chart to find the timing of entry, short term than medium and long term difficult, short term is not a daily opportunity to focus on multiple species, select the profit in about 200 points of opportunity, stop loss should be controlled at about 50 points, under normal circumstances 200 points market to complete a few days

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