Assess your level of foreign exchange

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People who play Go cashback forex that professional players have a rank forexcashbackcalculatorg system, the level of the basic reflect your level of futures trading does Eastforexcashback have a ranking system, each persons level of how only they know, how to know their level of level? cashbackforexbtc will probably have a bottom when you compare the following segment system  A segment You have just entered the market, you only have a general understanding of everything in the market, the prov East forex cashbackions of each contract you are not too clear, what to buy what to sell you have no idea, your trading mainly look at the comments of various futures brokers, or listen to the advice of friends, you always feel that they have a point Your trading is mainly intra-day You are in a hurry to close your position if you make some money, afraid that the profit in hand will fly away, and you will hold on to the loss, thinking that there is always the time to unwind Second paragraph  You begin to know what is the main contract, after the plate is anxious to see the position structure You also know some technical indicators, MACD, KDJ, RSI and so on, always feel that they are sometimes accurate, and sometimes not You also care about the fundamental situation, how the weather there today? How is the weather today? Is there more or less inventory? You are always the first to check the Internet to see how often you trade, sometimes making and sometimes losing, but in general, the account is a loss Three paragraphs  You have been trading in the market for some time, but in general the account is a loss You feel that to make money in this market is really difficult, you are anxious to turn the capital, but you do not know what to do You have read some books on trading, but you feel that what they say is the same thing, take the actual operation in this market and you do not know what to do The actual operation to this market is not quite the same thing you think or indicators are not accurate enough, so you try to adjust the parameters, but they are still sometimes accurate and sometimes not allowed you on the forum, hoping to get the guidance of experts but they are also sometimes accurate and sometimes not allowed  four paragraphs  you have had a big loss or a big position experience you know to survive in this market can not listen to those individual comments so You began to learn systematically, you can find the relevant books have read, hoping to find a magic weapon to beat the market you also learned the wave theory, Ganns laws of measuring the market, chaos theory and so on you also know to follow the trend, loss to stop loss but you can not figure out how to determine the potential, stop loss in what place is good you think to know exactly when the market reversal is really too difficult, you do not Believe that someone in this market can earn money, because smart as you feel helpless in the face of the market, how can they earn money?   Five paragraphs  You begin to understand that to make money in this market must have a trading system but you are not quite sure what this trading system consists of You try to combine several indicators into your system, according to the signals they provide to open and close positions but they often conflict with each other, so you can not understand which one to believe at this time You try long term trading, but sometimes you can not figure out You also try to do intraday short term well, earn a daily three to five hundred dollars, a year down should be quite a lot but the key is often today earned three hundred, but tomorrow lost five hundred your bill is still a loss, you feel that doing futures is really too difficult, it is not possible, you consider whether it is time to give up  six paragraphs  you begin to understand that in this market you You begin to have a set of their own trading system, you know they just need to strictly discipline, in the long run, you should be able to earn money you begin to use probability to consider the problem, each time you enter, know the ratio of risk and reward is how much wrong you will stop, profitable single you also began to be able to hold your bill when you earn when loss, profit and loss is basically the same sometimes you can according to their own system trading, and sometimes you can not be able to take advantage of the system. Sometimes you can trade according to your own system, sometimes you cant but you start to believe that someone in this market can make money you start to be able to call out good single, in the forum you also start to become the focus of public attention seven paragraphs  you start to be able to stable profits, have their own set of trading system you have solved all the problems of the trading concept, began to have their own trading philosophy for technical things you do not care too much, you You know that as long as the concept is correct, even the use of simple moving averages you can also be stable profits you know which are the key points, you can comfortably enter, although you can not see how the future trend in the end one day you may first earn five hundred and then lose three hundred, but you can correctly implement the stop loss, you know that these lost money will come back sooner or later your mind is basically calm, but occasionally face the dramatic fluctuations in the market Still will be some ups and downs, especially when there is a single eight paragraphs  This time to make money for you is a routine, like a driving veteran driving the same, encounter a red light on the stop, green light on the line trading for you is completely unconscious you no longer need to the graph precisely define the location of the stop loss, with a pen or calculator calculating the ratio of risk and reward you do not care about the copper inventory is high or low You dont care if the copper inventory is high or low, because the fundamentals are useless to you Nine  This time you know the world economy like the back of your hand, you can predict the next round of economic trends in advance You only trade a few times a year, or maybe a single take is a few years You rarely have to watch the market, most of the time you are playing golf or fishing on an island in the Pacific Ocean You never talk to anyone about trading because you know no one can understand

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