Breakthrough K-line entry and stop-loss experience talk

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Some time ago trading quotes stop-loss stop I was about to impotence vomit blood, once doubted their ability, so I think to do trading we are not defeated in the market but defeated to themselves, to build a strong inner cashbackforexbtc a solid foundation for sustainable trading nonsense will not chatter, talk about a little personal research East forex cashback forexcashbackcalculator- Eastforexcashback entry and stop-loss experience talk because individuals I like to do platform breakthrough market, so this piece of research is quite a lot, breakthrough market entry point there are two: a breakthrough point and a breakthrough back to confirm the entry to do breakthrough market is worrying is a false breakthrough market, so in this regard I have eaten very many losses is also once let me into the stop loss stop to vomit blood lost themselves later found that in fact breakthrough also has some rules to follow, first we choose the breakthrough trading The first thing is to judge its location, such as the end of the trend or the starting point or a relay? Or you can use wave theory to judge the market stage and so on as well as judge the market time cashback forexan, which requires a certain amount of effort, not here to chatter I mainly want to talk about the breakthrough K-line entry and stop loss and breakthrough K-line after the market trend of the law screening platform breakthrough K-line is my key concern, if it is a small yin and small Yang slowly to breakthrough, such a breakthrough I generally do not go to participate or participate in the position is also very light but if the relative Large sun (Yin) breakthrough platform, that K line is very valuable trading K line, in the judgment of the location and time span appropriate, I will choose to trade this K line, stop loss on the breakthrough K line high and low points (do more stop loss on the low point, short in the stop loss on the high point) is sufficient, the next observation after the breakthrough K line trend, if the K line back to the breakthrough K line entity more than half may is a false breakthrough or the market will not go too well, we have to consider the exit, the opposite of the market is strong, do not prevent the use of gold 1-hour chart to explain the chart can be seen in the real strength of the breakthrough K line is behind the K line will not step back on the lowest point of the breakthrough K line, so the stop loss is placed on the lowest point of the breakthrough K line is the feasibility of the stop loss point although you can use this method to circumvent many false breakthroughs as well as stop losses In a small range, but the size of the space out is another issue to think about

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