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Th East forex cashback post was last edited by shuan on 2015-10-1901:00 Clear night sky, all is silent for a moment, the figure of a fish cashback forexg eagle with a beautiful curve, sweeping across the water Most investors believe forexcashbackcalculator stock Eastforexcashback is a technical issue, in fact, this is not the case Technical factors account for only two points of the entire trading part, the remaining eight points of the decision The difference between two cashbackforexbtc eight here is not that the mind is more important than the technology, but that the proper functioning of the technology depends on the mind level Their relationship is somewhat like that between matter and soul Our body is the material level, while the soul gives the body a constant source of creativity Similarly, technology is the seed, and the mind is the fertile ground Mind trading is not a supernatural function, let alone a subjective conjecture, it is a harmonious interaction between the individual It is a harmonious interaction between the individual and the whole, it is the highest level of trading. " is the object investors often understand the relationship between subject and object as one-way, linear Therefore, many investors want to find a one-and-done trading system to try to beat the stock market However, this game is always a battle between the left hand and the right hand, who is the ultimate winner? It is often said that those who are good at Yi do not divine! There is a story to tell: a very proficient in the art of divination of a man calculated that his beloved antique vase will be broken on a certain day of a certain hour he loved this vase, decided to preserve it at all costs So, he was in a certain day of a certain hour will be placed in the center of the table, the protection of the vase, do not leave the inch when eating lunch, his wife called it, repeatedly did not respond, angry! Go forward and slap the table, the vase should fall to the ground and shattered the mans epiphany, sighing: left and right calculations can not be calculated into themselves! From then on, it is not easy not to divine this story to our understanding of the structure of the market has very important inspiration story of the hero, a thousand calculations but can not integrate themselves into the system, so they can not interact with the system, and therefore can not grasp the impact of their own behavior on the outcome of the same, the stock market investors are both spectators and participants in the market - trading behavior leads to price changes. -In fact, the boundary between subject and object is quite blurred or, once the investor participates in the market, he must eliminate individuality and integrate into the whole! In this game of left hand and right hand, the secret is to find that balance point (the golden middle), whether it is to the left or to the right, it will hurt itself. At this point, lets try to define trading from the mind. The first task of trading from the mind is to eliminate the dichotomy in the trading behavior, so that the individual is in harmony with the whole and interacts with the system (market). In spiritual trading, the source of market information should be timely, accurate and easily digested by the operator to understand the better trading is not the more complicated information the better, no matter how much information is taken, the final trading decision is only to buy and sell and information that can not be understood by the operator can only seriously interfere with the trading behavior. In terms of methods, the simpler and more intuitive technology is often more relevant to the essence of the market, excluding unnecessary secondary interference, so the mind trading using the most basic technical analysis methods such as: K-line patterns, trend lines, averages, in the advanced stage we will apply the wave theory and Gann cycle. Although the above methods are the most basic technical analysis tools, many people do not use them to make money, and therefore many people doubt that the problem is not in the technical methods, but in the ideology of the trader. We can understand them as a line (one-dimensional space). At present, what most people do is to try to use one-dimensional tools to solve two-dimensional (subject and object) problems. (subject and object and the consciousness that cares for both - the mind), i.e., the mind deals with a situation similar to the relationship between "relativity" and "the law of gravity". At the level of mindful trading, the old contradictions become harmonious and unified, and for the first time the system operates in a complete state, when profitability is no longer an issue and the traders greatest pleasure is to enjoy the communion between himself and the market. Trading from the heart is the highest level of trading, and a higher level than trading from the heart is the "Tao", which is the highest level that the human soul can reach, the communion with the universe. I think this must be due to the limitations of language. First of all, in the process of turning "spiritual transactions" into language, the first "distortion" was created, which is unavoidable because language is dichotomous. When I describe it as "black", I am denying "white", and when I describe it as "white", I am denying "black "Both are easily accepted but when I say that it is both "white" and "black", people who listen to me must think that I am "talking nonsense "However, the truth is that the market has both "black" and "white" at the same time, and "spiritual trading" is about transcending this dichotomy. At this level, the expression of words is pale. When the Sixth Patriarch Huineng taught the Dharma, he advocated "no words, instant enlightenment", so when it comes to consciousness, words must be discarded. The normal procedure is that the listener, after receiving the information in the language, first searches his or her memory for matching "characters" and then "compares and contrasts" the process, and finally translates it into his or her own language, which produces a second distortion, so to speak. When we project these findings onto trading, it is easy to understand how the problems that have been plaguing us usually arise. One, the instability of indicators is like language, it is a statistical tool with a selective bias, we call it bifurcated, i.e., it can only be limited to one of two choices Its role is to filter out some of the market information and keep the information it considers useful so that it is trapped in the dilemma of choosing between "black" and "white" However, the real However, the real market is always "black" and "white" at the same time, and the linear form of the indicator is destined to convey information that is incomplete, so we will see that the price is still running wild after overbought, and continues to dive after oversold. In order to use the indicators well, investors must have the ability to reduce the fragmented and unexpressed parts of the indicators to the whole.

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