Do foreign exchange 6 years some words to tell you

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about technology: 6 years, I tell you one thing, that East forex cashback, forexcashbackcalculator Eastforexcashback within 30 points of the short term is impossible to succeed, within 60 points is also very difficult to succeed within 120 points is to get to play (that is, a lot of speculation in foreign exchange people old cashbackforexbtc cashback forex dead people are just long play) Why, you may think, you may not think to understand, so you will not Stop. For this you can compare the amplitude and period of foreign exchange and gold, you will find that the amplitude of foreign exchange is very small and repeatedly back and forth (in fact, a few dozen points for no leverage of large funds at all fluctuations, so a few dozen points back and forth is too normal,) each time people under the single Zong think about taking profits often 90 percent will spit back to the stop loss is the reason.) And there is a law of foreign exchange not only small amplitude fluctuations repeatedly slow, and the cycle is slow, according to peoples rest time, a day often does not give you a lot of profit and a long time out of the choice of time period (note the word: out of the time period) this can be compared to gold, he many times give you this profit margin and time period, but not that gold will be easy to get rich, he is just relatively easier than foreign exchange! If you learn mathematics well, and then think carefully, in fact, high leverage foreign exchange is impossible to succeed, because your entry and exit is only two points in the market curve, these two points account for the proportion of market fluctuations is very small, that is, often you see profits will not close the position is not a matter of luck, but a matter of probability, but the stop loss is certain, the stop loss is not a point but a segment, you will understand this, that is, your Stop loss is a probability event, and close the position at the right point is a very small probability event on health: the psychological pressure to do foreign exchange, including the pressure to watch the position and losses, will lead to your immune system is low, poor health, if long-term look at the late plate is even more so, remember that pressure is the first enemy of health although I can now do nothing pressure, but I also quit, because I work in a strong noise environment The strong noise caused my resistance to decline, often hypothermia, very painful, finally decided to leave the foreign exchange and gold, in fact, to later I have looked down on money, do foreign exchange is not for money and make in order to change the fate, but finally I can only give up to change the fate, one is the contact with Buddhism, one is now I think it, can easily live healthy other what is not necessary. There is really no need for anything Author: monster1100

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