Eight single open position trading method capital management is the key light position as the core stability trading training open

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no matter how long the trad Eastforexcashbackg time, the size of the capital to do too much, how good the r East forex cashbackk control, in the foreign exchange derivatives forexcashbackcalculator full of temptations cashbackforexbtc traps, can get long-term stability and profitability of the secret is only one: capital management is the key, light position is the core The main theme of the foreign exchange market is always two: revenue and risk  Light position as the core of money management, but also the entire risk control plan is the top priority light position from the logic of the transaction, is the control of the risk gain depends on the strength of technical operations, market technical analysis and judgment is the compensation of earnings  Then, do cashback forex is important to control, or compensation is important? The reasoning is clear, control to determine survival, compensation is just icing on the cake forex trading, survival is always the first if you do not recognize this truth, losing money is inevitable in the absence of someone to tell you this truth before, investors often rely on their own groping, with the cost of blood and tears to identify this point Do trading, the primary control is the risk especially derivatives market, the chances of successful survival in the short to medium term Less than 10%, less than 3% chance of long-term survival more than ten years of experience in foreign exchange trading, basically traders in the elite of these people although a large proportion still can not be stable profits, but the probability of loss has been greatly reduced Chinese foreign exchange traders, few investors with more than ten years of experience the vast majority of people in contact with the foreign exchange market will not exceed three years in our investment career. basically have not seen stable and profitable forex traders, which is a regrettable result of course, now the forex market participants explosive growth, large capital and more and more professionally trained investors, we believe that the market is likely to appear a lot of stability trading team about stability trading, years of experience tells us that the only way to light position this point whether from their own The actual starting point, or and industry veteran investors exchange, are very much agreed that light position is the key point of long-term profitability of foreign exchange trading All excess earnings and windfall profits, in the long cycle, are fleeting trading is what? If we compare it to a marathon, then the short-term three to five years of investment experience, short to minuscule Everyone will have their own golden years, perhaps within two or three years will be heavy or adventurous to get very good returns you will feel very good, trading system is very mature, every month hope that 10% to 15% or more gains but, there is always a certain year, a certain January, the former work abandoned market told us that if we do not make changes, this will certainly happen one year or even two months can lose the money earned back in the previous five years A senior in the foreign exchange industry told the editor that he has been in the business for fifteen years, as a foreign exchange market veteran, never seen a person, a team from the foreign exchange market full body back He said, you just have to play in the market, with a gambling mentality, there is always a day to exit the market with nothing. He said, you just have to play in the market, with a gambling mentality, there will be a day nothing to exit the market when he expressed this point of view very firm and strong, I think this may be a little absolute, but as a warning, each foreign exchange investors should think about Sounds unbearably cruel as traders, the cruelty and pleasure of trading we all feel the same We believe that the main risk of the foreign exchange market comes from our own indiscipline market is always there. However, our minds are fluctuating, and the fluctuations of the mind can greatly exceed the fluctuations of the market Desire and greed, with different situations, different capital size will be greatly expanded Desire will crush us In order to prevent ourselves from being defeated, we need to prevent from the rules, the only way feasible is to light positions As for the firm stop loss, only a good wish, is almost impossible to do. It is almost impossible to do it There is always a time when you will not go to stop loss and this time, it is enough to make people abandon their previous work If you can do a resolute stop loss, investors in this industry will not have so many losses Heavy positions make people suffocate, losses make people desperate This industry, they have forced themselves to a desperate situation a lot of things Therefore, entering the foreign exchange market, we must first establish the concept The only way to achieve this is to have a light position Light position is a panacea for derivatives trading, although not a cure-all, but can cure a major disease in the premise of a light position, even if the technology and market awareness is limited, you can still live a wonderful, profitable light position state The company is not likely to have a major loss Some people will say that a light position to do foreign exchange? This depends on the positioning of the investor if located in a gamble, make a quick buck, it does not need a light position, grab a few years of good light, make a big profit, and then exit the market remember, must exit the market, in the most brilliant time to exit otherwise, those who stay will certainly double back to the market If located in the long-term stable profit, in the light position under the premise of going to improve their trading ability, to win excess earnings. How much can be earned, depending on their own cultivation light positions can also have high returns What is a light position? For our readers, the need for a clear quantitative trading system we offer investors, but also from the actual experience summed up the operational basic training model of course, cackle, there are difficulties we first on, the road we first explore, we come to observe the comments eight single open position trading method 5000 U.S. dollars single open position 0.01 lots, only the four major straight Europe and the United States, pounds, Australia and the United States, the United States and Japan not to do U.S., Australia and the United States, the United States and Japan do not do volatile gold and crude oil total position, no more than eight single single species position no more than four single in a single species, can run micro Martin that the first single set, interval 30 points plus a single, the second single set, then interval 30 points plus a single third single set, then interval 30 points plus a single at most in a single species only four layers can be added to the order Hedging, but the single direction can not exceed four layers This is the principle All the trading list only set stop gain, do not set a stop loss stop gain points self-determined The purpose of doing so, is not to be bothered by playing stop loss with ultra-light positions, to achieve the training of capital management As for the earnings, the live trading and we discuss it together Practice makes perfect knowledge Hui Shang Luang Pang Xiaobian will be in the next The article, with real live to show our philosophy and system of stability trading training, to do more image intuitive at the same time, we will also work with everyone, and constantly summarize the problems that exist, and can be improved to improve the place

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