Fear and greed the struggle of forex traders

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* In life, forexcashbackcalculator cashback forex greed are the two ma cashbackforexbtc motivators of behavior * Bringing such a mentality into trading East forex cashback often harmful * Macro overlook, logical thinking, reversing these two mindsets with subjective motivation so to speak, these two emotions will make you make many bad decisions What is fear? What is greed? There are many reasons for fear or greed, but the root cause is the innate desire to survive, which is inextricably linked to the resistance instinct that exists in every human heart. If all you think about is picking wild fruits, Eastforexcashback meal may be more abundant for the bear threat (such as trading losses) should bring fear, fear allows you to survive.   And from another point of view, greed will also let you increase the chances of survival and before, you are picking wild fruit, but this time you run into a grasshopper, but fear has taken over your mind that you can not harvest a lot of wild fruit, right? When you see a grasshopper, you should not feel fear, but rather greed, and continue to pick your wild fruits greed and fear are survival instincts, but in trading, we need to do more than just survive the relationship with trading in forex trading, greed and fear will affect many of your decisions, the question is whether the impact is positive think about your first few trades imagine that you wake up in the morning, open the computer while drinking a glass of wine. You wake up in the morning, open the computer, while drinking coffee and looking at the previous days transactions, and then you find that your euro is about to stop loss, currently losing 200 points encountered such a thing, many people will comfort themselves, it is because the German inflation report is not good, the exchange rate will come back, while others are more greedy, if I add positions, the exchange rate rebounded immediately after I can save money! Some people are beginning to admonish themselves, this time to find the capital after I never do this again This is greed is like you cant pick the wild fruit on the tree next to you, so pat the black bear, let it go away But at this point you should have the mindset of fear … … your position has been a 200-point loss, the black bear has arrived at the front, ready to eat! The greedier you get at this point, the worse the outcome back in the morning, you just got up, grabbed a macchiato, and found the euro up a nice 50 points! Although only 25% of the profit target, but you are already starting to move your head … … If the exchange rate turns around how to do? Last time N days ago it is not so, 300 points of profit in the blink of an eye will be gone this time will not be like this? At this point most people will have a nagging psychology, and most of this nagging psychology needs to be attributed to other parts of life, but in general, this is the fear of loss, such a mindset everyone has in this case most people will be afraid of fear that the exchange rate will turn back, and further move to the stop loss fear that the profit in hand is gone, the cooked duck flew…… so they cut off the profit, which is Wrong! Big mistake! If at this time you have no way to predict the next exchange rate, then when you place a single situation is the same, but now the exchange rate has proved that your prediction at the time of the order is right ladies and gentlemen, now is the time to be greedy your position is in profit, which proves that your original analysis is right most people feel fear at this time, in the time when you should be greedy finally do not forget to set a stop loss, exposure to the risk of Funds, only the amount you can afford if the transaction moves in the opposite direction, the time to get out of the way, cast your eyes on other possible profits it More learning foreign exchange - foreign exchange basics, how to speculate on foreign exchange questions and answers, please visit: foreign exchange learning section 

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