Find out the difference between the demo position and the real position perhaps you are not far from profit

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Eastforexcashback the foreign exchange margin market cashbackforexbtc the most difficult to survive small capital because the foreign exchange margin market is using the principle of leverage, enlarge the proportion of the operation of a thous forexcashbackcalculator times cautiously 1-2 times the big mistake, will determine your defeat Why so many newcomers, in the operation of small capital, it is always difficult to make a small capital, so that they break out of the heavy, how many The reason why you cashback forex simulated how to do how to win, and once you do the real position how to do how to lose However, when you carefully compare the simulated position and the real position price trend there is no difference, you will find: they are East forex cashback different at all and in the end where the difference? I used to sit alone on the grass, carefully compare the subtle differences between the real position and the simulation: (a) simulation of the position: simulation of the capital is generally a little larger, do not have any fear of feeling when the single, entry is very decisive, not ambiguous, see the trend downward dare bold empty, short single established, generally do not mind it, have the courage to hold overnight (because the psychological thinking is not their own funds) but found a win, will not Set tracking or set a win point, put 2-3 days later, suddenly found to take the longer the greater the winnings simulation of the key to winning positions: 1, large capital, anti-risk bias; 2, believe that their first look at the trend of feeling; 3, single very decisive, self-confidence; 4, a very good mindset; 5, the winnings dare to hold, the more winnings dare to take; 6, do single after sleep, eat, not affected by other peoples advice, is The emperor said also dare to take 7, will not die staring at the plate, tired psychological think: rest go, anyway, is a simulation of the position (B) true position: small capital, very cautious single, before the fear of wolves, always hesitate to miss the time, see the trend also dare not place a single easy to take note, the results are not chased in the high, or chased in the low after the single, the psychology is very nervous, eyes put red staring at the profit figures in the jump The first thing you need to do is to find the wrong, loss, very depressed mood, dead resistance single, will not be timely cut position win, take their own single everywhere to show off, and forget their own failure when the silent depression and pain in the winnings forgetful at the same time, forget to set the protection price, and let the win is just data like a flash after the win, others a suggestion, a word on the shaky, there are dozens of points on the day of the rush out to achieve a profit, not Rest, stare at the plate without regularity, often to the middle of the night, the rooster crows at dawn carefully analyze themselves in doing simulation and real position after the subtle differences, you can develop their own simulation methods and real position know-how

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