Foreign exchange analysis symmetrical triangle how to judge and operate

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Symmetrical forexcashbackcalculator pattern cashbackforexbtc a triangle pattern often in the currency market, because it can not produce a clear direction of development in a period of time, the period East forex cashback is erratic, often in a kind of up Eastforexcashback not up, down also not the state, so that investors produce great confusion, even if the skilled technical analysis of investors, but also to wait for the market to complete a fixed cycle, produce Breakthrough direction before you can judge the subsequent trend Symmetrical triangle is usually a finishing pattern, this pattern often occurs in the wave theory of the fourth wave can B wave, triangle price changes in the region is from large and small, from wide and narrow, that is, the price of the period from the low after rising for a period of time after the inability to break through the sharp rise, and then the period began to fall, but the period fell back after a certain period of time, it will encounter multiple buying intervention, so that the price can not make a new low. So that the futures price can not make a new low, and in the previous low above the turn up, but the upward time is not lasting, and in the previous high under the encounter of short-side suppression, so that the futures price turn down, often several times sinking, will appear low low point gradually raised, and the high point gradually moved down the situation, we will be the low point and low point even into the rising trend line, the high point and high point even into the downtrend line, you can get a clear Triangle, such as the slope of the rise and the slope of the fall is equal, will come up with a symmetrical triangle Symmetrical triangle is the investor temporarily feel unclear about the direction of the future price, but the long and short sides of the view of serious differences, multiple reasons to see more, the short side has a bearish present reason, so the price of the future fell, multiple people buy low, and the price of the future rose, the short side of the people take the opportunity to high field, although a bottom higher than a bottom, but did not appear The effect expected by the multi-side, so that the confidence of the multi-side shaken, the buyers power gradually weakened, corresponding to the period price a top than a top low, but not to the empty side expected, produce a significant decline so that the empty side of their original judgment of doubt, resulting in shorting is not resolute, so the empty side of the power also gradually weakened, so that there are more and less can not quickly beat each other, but the price area is gradually narrowing, the price of the period price is ambiguous to go to the high field. The futures price to ambiguous, is not up or down, there is no clear signal for the time being, this is the main feature of the symmetric triangle when the price runs to the end of the symmetric triangle or near the apex, the two sides are in a temporary balance, both sides are unable to break the deadlock at this time, such as a force to join the multiple or short side, the balance will immediately produce a tilt, often an external force, such as the obvious positive In the symmetrical triangle pattern, the volume has a very obvious regularity, which deserves special attention, because of the characteristics of the symmetrical triangle, the prospect of the operation of the futures price is unknown, the direction is uncertain, the long and short sides are doubtful, and do not dare to attack with full force, many investors exit the wait-and-see, so the volume is often with the futures price fluctuations, and gradually reduce the amount of the left to the lower right gradually decreasing, when the symmetrical triangle development to the end of the form, its price fluctuations often appear very calm, the volume of extremely shrinking, once the volume increased significantly, can change the trend of the symmetrical triangle, the formation of a cashback forex Symmetrical triangle is an unspecified form, the development to a certain stage, will be able to produce an upward breakthrough or downward breakthrough Upward Breakthrough: usually occurs in the period of the price has produced a period of rise, due to the rise has been large, short term profit-taking disc began to take profits to close, the formation of the period of the price of suppression, but bearish people continue to buy low, it formed a mutual tug of war triangle finishing state, the period of the price after running a period of time, will be in a narrower area to temporarily reach equilibrium, the long and short sides are evenly matched, at this time if a force (often an external force) Join to the multiple, the equilibrium is broken, produce upward breakthrough, and indicate the direction of the upward attack, a wave of uptrend will be launched, and vice versa downward breakthrough, usually in the futures price produced a large drop, because of the larger drop, investors pity sales, short term buyers into the futures price formation of three solution shape finishing pattern, more than the balance of forces, but this is only down on the way to the transit station, once the new bearish factors generated, a little selling pressure, the balance is broken, resulting in a downward breakthrough, another round of downtrend and will begin 1 2 next Judgment of the symmetrical triangle is effective breakthrough, to pay attention to three points: (1) the price level to produce an obvious change, there is a clear breakthrough direction (2) upward breakthrough, there must be greater volume support, the greater the volume increase, the higher the credibility of the breakthrough, downward breakthrough (3) breakthrough within 3 days, the price does not go back to the symmetrical triangle, so you can confirm that the price has come out of the symmetrical triangle, the formation of upward or downward breakthrough symmetrical triangle pattern within the first high and low point extension The straight line to the top of the triangle is called the neckline distance, a symmetrical triangle breakthrough signal is usually generated in the neckline distance of 1/2 or 3/4, the breakthrough in this distance, generally more powerful, theoretically, if the period price exceeds 3/4 length position, still has not produced a valid breakthrough, the period price will slowly run to the top of the symmetrical triangle, long and short forces cancel each other, the period price continues to move laterally, but In practice, there is often a period until the price runs to the top of the triangle, only to produce upward or downward breakthrough After the breakthrough of the symmetrical triangle, there will often be a reversal phenomenon, upward breakthrough to produce a reversal is a better buy low point, and downward breakthrough, investors should resolutely leave the field, do not die waiting for the appearance of the reversal point, because once the downtrend is generated, often this reversal does not appear at all Symmetrical triangle After the breakthrough, the upward and downward space is measurable theoretically, the symmetrical triangle breakthrough, the minimum upward and minimum downward is the width of the symmetrical triangle, that is, the symmetrical triangle pattern, the vertical distance between the first vertex and the first low In the symmetrical triangle pattern investment strategy: most investors should follow the wait, wait and see, rest strategy, until the direction of the breakthrough, when Only then enter the city smooth Previous 1 2

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