Foreign exchange capital security

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A. The most important th Eastforexcashbackg East forex cashback the security of funds to participate in foreign exchange investment, the first thing to do is to find a strictly regulated dealer, capital security is guaranteed! Must cashback forex subject to the United States NFA, Australia ASIC or the United Kingdom FSA regulation of the trader, at the same time must be involved in the dealers regulatory registration number to check, cashbackforexbtc pay attention to the name of the trader and check the name of the trader is consistent, foreign companies differ by one English letter should be another company New Zealand, Singapore, Macau, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong (within 20 times leverage) of the regular), these countries exist for foreign exchange margin trading regulation, but the degree of regulation relative to the above three countries to weak British Virgin Islands, Indonesia, Iceland, Panama, Cayman Islands … … regulation is tantamount to a void, advise friends to be cautious!  Second, find a formal domestic service agents Do not see how big his office building, how large the company, as long as he is formal, even if there is only one person, the funds are as safe and reliable, because your money is not dealing with the agent, the agent is only to provide advisory services and develop customers Never be fooled by the surface of the agent investors to believe is the trader, not the agent The agent company is large, if the agent agent is not a formal forexcashbackcalculator, and finally your money is in their pockets. Third, choose a formal trading platform This depends on the stability of the dealers platform, whether the slippage and slow quotes, and the inability to trade this you can choose a platform before opening a demo account in the platform to do a little, test the platforms Performance as long as your network speed is not very slow or poisoning, the regular trading platform is very simple, smooth, and timely information, simple operation In short, a good platform will not appear when you close a position should not appear problems Fourth, the security of the deposit account must ensure that your funds are into the dealer account, rather than the brokerage firm mandatory direct charge and then to sign a standardized agreement, so that In order to ensure the minimum security of funds V. Dealer policy 1, which includes the dealer to provide products to meet your needs; 2, the dealers platform spread is how much, now the general mainstream platform direct spreads are in the 3-5 points or so, too high transaction costs will increase, and too low dealers in the cost of providing services to customers is too little, so there may also be some we can not see the fishy; 3. The speed of order execution; 4. free technical and chart analysis; 5. whether there will be many activities from time to time to benefit customers and brokers

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