Foreign exchange EA mainstream intelligent trading classification type

Eastforexcashback 6Browse 0Comments Collection Because of the great development of cashbackforexbtc technology in these years, a variety of new EA continue to emerge, I only forexcashbackcalculators approximate classification, cashback forex perfect Eastforexcashback rigorous, please forgive me 1.trend class the most common and most mature type, trend class the most mainstream EA type, generally According to a variety of indicators and strategies to enter and exit operations 2. Grid class Network class features are generally very obvious, that East forex cashback, a lot of single, and the floating loss is very large, single are stop loss out of the field, the benefits are obvious: the capital curve is exceptionally smooth, very smooth profit but also extremely obvious disadvantages: a large trend can make you burst, several months of profit plus principal can disappear within a few days All gone However, for large funds, the use of very small positions, or relatively safe, in addition to the strategy of regular out of gold, is also considered a less risky way to lose money doubling the position such as: HiRIDER_Modified, LUCKYCANDLE, Tasukigap, CashHammer, Blessing  nbsp;3. Neural network class This kind of EA is just recently developed, the so-called neural network to put it bluntly is to simulate the thinking process of the brain, and the history of the trend of continuous learning Therefore, this kind of EA is unable to substantial historical backtesting, because it has learned it in the brain This kind of EA is an emerging species, whether it can be stable profit remains to be seen However 2007 World EA Competition, this strategy won the championship, followed by a few years did not get the championship, but also shows that this strategy may not be a panacea 4. Scalping class Such should be said to be the least risky, the most efficient EA profit, it is generally only a few seconds of trading time but it is also extremely high requirements for platform spreads and delays, and because it is unusually Excellent performance will attract a large number of people in a short period of time to use the pair, causing Brokers attention, as well as some other reasons, such EA often can only achieve a short period of profitable, not long-term stable profits (such as BOSS, WallStreetForexRobot, forexshocker, FishForexRobot, Yuri, etc.) Currency correlation class Trading through the correlation of different currencies, the biggest drawback of this type of EA is that it can not be back-tested, you can not know its simulation performance, only by observing the actual operation of the market to examine its effectiveness 6. Money management, which amplifies the risk of its burst Some grid-type EA uses the Martingale class of money management (Martingale method, similar to adding positions against the market), abandoning the market-neutral entry strategy, instead using some indicators to determine the entry trend-type EA:Forex_Combo is considered good, but the EA has been flooded, and the parameters have obvious The EA also does not meet the needs of IB traders to brush up on their commissions ForexGrowthBot is a homeopathic position, but the reason for adding a position is too simple, it happens to be a strong single-sided one that does not return, it can earn a fortune, but other times it is silly, the oscillation and the trend is not swift he loses no pants. Some people say Ill use it when the single side is strong ah, nima if you know when the single side is strong, why use it, directly full positions on When we examine an EA must understand its type and money management, do not be confused by the perfect money curve, and do not listen to the salesmans boast, everything needs your own knowledge to judge Hedging arbitrage EA (such as BHGoArmor, PA5, etc.), there is also a big hidden problem, because it is also losing money to add positions!

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