Foreign exchange EA programmed trading system design experience

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speculation cashbackforexbtc as old as the mounta forexcashbackcalculators needless to say, the properties of the foreign exchange retail market, will certainly make the majority of domestic foreign exchange traders, the majority of the way to short-term speculation, long-term value investment is less East forex cashback as the king of the volatile market, the foreign exchange market gives the most abundant possibilities for manual and programmed Eastforexcashback, such advantages, other markets incomparable near A couple of years, the rise of foreign exchange self-media, WeChat public number does have a considerable number of high-quality articles appear, a lot of insight, the industry ecology, platform liquidity, trading logic, trading mentality, entry and exit, position management, etc. have a very professional description, read these articles, I also gained a lot of today, try to throw a brick to draw in the jade, talk about foreign exchange programmed trading process in some of the insights, to provide only the Some details on the advice, this article must cashback forex be a swimming guide, may just be the main points of their own dog paddle, but also please more comments in the design of a simple trading system (not involving arbitrage and hedging) before the market price pattern, to do a simple division, such as oscillation, trend two patterns, which forms the simplest cutting logic if it is trading trend, then probably the following three layers of logic: (a) depends on whether the effective exclusion of the oscillation adjustment phase; (ii) judge the strength and length of the long and short trends; (iii) the process of position management and profit locking If it is trading oscillations, we have to mention the grid Martin, as we all know, most of the currency pairs have price return characteristics, which is also the reason for the popularity of Martingale can be nearly two years of the market, a word on the big unilateral, counter trend Martin by the popular chicken into the EA is not Windows, it is more like a Tuner, not a Tool, the use of good or bad, and the strategy designers trading ideas are completely buttressed, many people use bad, indeed, because they do not understand the principle, but also will not tune The next, we talk about the strategy formation process, the contrast and perception of some concepts, perhaps will allow you to use EA, a different view of this article to ensure that all wet goods, but perhaps which sentence you have resonance, if any, then we study (a) manual and automatic do subjective trading always think that the road to simplicity, and Do strategy always feel that the market is getting more and more complex from years of practice, trading with EA, in addition to the usual sense of the operation is more stable, not subject to the interference of emotions and mentality, the biggest advantage is that will find a lot of manual single discovery of the law, these findings will stimulate new ideas and response, in this sense, the evolution of EA traders than manual traders will be faster, because the feedback and correction (B) the profitability of simple and complex strategies and models of simple and complex is not related, simple strategy generality to good, applicable for a long time on the other hand, in the face of risk, profitability and control ability, often complex strategies (C) short and long term short day trading profits usually come from the market vulnerability and luck, not technical indicators and some kind of theory, I heard that the master popular with bare K? Long-term profits are often exchanged for smell, discipline, mindset and risk (d) semi-automatic and fully automatic in the case of a full understanding of the principles of EA operation, manual intervention or risk control is no problem, whether it is the front end (open or add positions) with EA, the back end (risk control or close positions) with manual, or vice versa, there is a very good application of the method of play, the difference lies in the handling of extreme quotes, the two are not No advantages and disadvantages (e) earnings and retracement if you want to reduce the magnitude of retracement, do a more beautiful curve, is to reduce the total return at the cost of, because beautiful is always very expensive this process, the most important thing is not what people think the entry signal, exit signal or filtering conditions, but position management position management, Martin is also a treasure (f) risk and control are emphasizing risk control, in fact, when the big risk comes In fact, when the big risk comes, people are pressed to control, for programmed EA, especially so, but there are two ways to solve: one is to lock profits, so that the account balance on the value of risk-taking solidification; the other is to advance the threshold, reduce the number of lots, reduce earnings, safe through the small and medium risks then ten typhoons to come, still can maximize the security of the account someone asked, back-testing historical data or adjust the parameters can assess the risk of it? The answer is no, pessimistic expectations need to be established in advance (g) winners and losers in the speculative market, there has never been any gods, masters, in the long run, there is no point in comparing, in the end, we are more than who lives a little longer only who have made money, who have exploded, in the end, not how many times you have turned in, but in the time of leaving the market, whether it is still profitable (h) portfolio and diversification portfolio strategy will be in the program design in the middle and late, usually in a single subject can not achieve the expected return, rely on the combination to do profit and risk hedging, here you need to pay special attention to the non-relevance of the object of the transaction, otherwise add together in addition to the beauty of the dream and nightmare some EA hate to eat all the volatility of the market, claiming to automatically switch between oscillation and trend quotes, multiple strategy combination hedge…&hellip hellip; whether effective, you judge for yourself and dispersion strategy it, although we talk less, but indeed my ideal EA keep choosing trading slices, with a win rate of particles to stack up profits, just like the most resilient species in the ecology of nature, must also be dispersion

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