Forex Trader by Jared Martinez

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In this Forex trading book, Jared F. Martinez reveals the secrets to making money in the Forex market. This book will teach you how to use charts to relate market movement to trading patterns, thereby turning your trading into a profitable endeavor. It outlines 10 essential practices that will improve your trading. These practices include being disciplined and ready for the challenges that lie ahead. They also help you avoid the common mistakes that plague beginners in the forex market.

Jacob Martinez is the son of Jared Martinez, a former art publishing executive who founded Market Traders Institute. Jared Martinez was an art publisher in the late 1970s, and at one point, purchased all of his products from Japan. But as the Yen appreciated against the U.S. dollar, the product s price soared. This led him to develop his own trading system to avoid such costly mistakes.

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