Foreign exchange operation skills time period operation

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many do foreign exchange newcomers in the industry forexcashbackcalculator eager to enter the gold trading, want to make money, the results are contrary to expectations, frequent losses, burst positions are not a few why newcomers are so easy to lose money burst it, the results of the authors observations, found some of the similarities of these people, I hope to give some inspiration to the back of the trader, take warning of the first East forex cashback heavy trading Eastforexcashback counter-trend trading author I believe cashback forex heavy positions are the main reason for the blowout of the original foreign exchange leverage is very high, in the case of heavy positions, the risk is multiplied by the method, the margin risk resistance is greatly reduced newcomers are more eager, want to make profits as soon as possible or even get rich overnight but this is a pipe dream and completely unrealistic greed is the weakness of human nature, must be overcome, or finally only self-inflicted consequences   recommended light positions Small amount of general on the use of up to ten percent of the funds to operate, the rest of the funds as margin, for example, you have $ 1,000, leverage 1::100, then the most only 100 dollars to do transactions, that is, 0.1 hand some people feel that this is slower to make money, but this reduces the risk, improve the accounts ability to resist risk as long as you can follow the trend, the accumulation of small amounts, which will be a great Wealth The second is self-righteousness, no adaptability, just headstrong many people do the wrong direction, not only do not close the position out of the cashbackforexbtc, but instead of staring at the market, hoping that the market reversal, dead carry, and finally only big losses, burst foreign exchange market is to make money, you should always keep in mind this goal, individuals basically can not sway the market, so when you see the direction of different, immediate stop loss, you can reduce the loss to Minimum, the ability to ensure the next transaction this deadbeat can only end up losing all the capital, and finally exit The third is to manually close the position, arbitrarily close the position, there is no concept of stop-loss many people think there is no stop-loss and burst the position without a stop-loss transaction is like a car without brakes, there is always the danger of accidents we can not guarantee that the market at all times and our ideas to keep the same judgment although there are times is the need for a little luck, but stable profits or rely on the strength of the manipulation market fluctuations in accordance with the established timeline, it is difficult for anyone to sway us to hold on to the psychological hope that the trend and we expect the same which is unrealistic, if the market is not consistent, manually close the position to bring more losses Sometimes the price in the encounter stop loss after closing the position, but then the price retraced, so Many people regret setting a stop loss but the real forex trader to pursue things stable victory, relying on a solid analytical ability and a rich sense of manipulation one-sided alone a situation does not negate the overall thinking

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