Foreign exchange risk techniques

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control foreign East forex cashback r forexcashbackcalculatork selling techniques are: stop loss, stopping the level of stop-loss Eastforexcashbacks are mainly: technical indicators stop-loss method, trend pattern stop-loss method, loss degree stop-loss method, basic analysis stop-loss method Technical indicators stop-loss method: according to the technical indicators issued by the sell instructions, as a stop-loss signal, regardless of their cost price in what position specific methods are many, mainly including: ① currency prices fall through the 10-day The 30-day or 125-day moving average; ② the exchange cashback forex penetrates the upper line of the Bollinger Bands; ③ MACD green bars appear, MACD form a dead cross; ④ SAR down below the turning point; ⑤ long and short term William indicator all above -20; ⑥ when the WVADs 5-day line penetrates the WVADs 21-day line; ⑦ when the 20-day Y moving average is greater than 0.53, the Ys 5-day moving When the 20-day Y moving average is greater than 0.53, the 5-day moving average of Y penetrates the 20-day moving average of Y; ⑧ stochastic indicator of J value down through 100 when the stop loss Loss degree stop-loss method: speculators according to their degree of loss, to decide the method of stop-loss it is also divided into two methods according to the amount of loss stop-loss and percentage stop-loss according to the degree of loss The method is more suitable for when the investors holdings have lost money, but the current loss is not large, and The exchange rate is likely to continue to fall in the future when the use, it is particularly suitable for buying at the end of the bull market and chasing high buy failed to apply Trend pattern stop-loss method: this method is through the analysis of the running pattern of the exchange rate, once found that the exchange rate break pattern, it is resolutely stop-loss specific methods mainly include: ① the exchange rate fell through the trend line tangent; ② the exchange rate down through the head and shoulders or round top and other head pattern neckline level; ③ the exchange rate fall through the lower rail of the ascending channel; ④ exchange rate fell through the edge of the gap Stopping method refers to never let their already profitable foreign exchange into a set of foreign exchange, when the exchange rate slides down to the capital price resolutely sell an operation technique this method is different from the stop-loss or stop-win is that the investors own capital price is set as a resolute selling price, is an effective way to prevent investors from holding foreign exchange from winning to losing, to avoid being set. Investment techniques to avoid being trapped

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