Foreign exchange small pattern stop-loss method

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do foreign exchange marg forexcashbackcalculator, for insurance purposes, we will determine their own stop-loss point in accordance with the degree of investment cashback forex the r cashbackforexbtck of the East forex cashback trading to reasonably control the risk should ensure that their investment is based on the stop-loss point is also reasonable Stop-loss point settings: in the face of different foreign exchange margin stage of operation, the stop-loss point settings are also different in the long term operation, the choice of stop-loss Need a higher proportion of the proportion of funds accounted for a high, in case the momentary reverse market and swept out of the field medium-term operation stop-loss selection usually tends to be technical, to the current trend line or the previous wave high and low as a reference basis different market trading specific way will vary, the choice of stop-loss point is also the same in the market risk will appear at any time, the key is the way we choose is not effective The stop loss is an essential part of margin trading and is one of the most common ways to prevent losses from expanding. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the time stop loss settings, in the development of margin trading strategies before that is to assume that the band market can last for a period of time, in the market should be launched and not launched when the trend, must be time stop loss response, such stop loss is mostly applied to false breakout trend, its setup is more difficult, requiring a wealth of market But margin trading investors can be observed by the history of the trend to know, in the past trend to find such false breakthrough phenomenon occurred a number of times, the number of days of its occurrence, as a reference for future operation strategy stop-loss point settings In the floating exchange rate system, any kind of foreign exchange market only three, namely, rising market, falling market and consolidation market in the foreign exchange market, consolidation market accounts for about 70%-80% of the annual trading day 70%-80%, the remaining 20%-30% is long or short quotes But most people in the market still want to grasp the timely 20%-30% of the long or short quotes, homeopathic operation mainly because the profits of homeopathic operation is very substantial, and margin trading stop loss out of the number of times and low, so the additional cost is greatly reduced to carry out transactions to know what the situation of the operation of the current form The most effective, so as to obtain more success on the use of stop-loss should pay attention to master a certain way to avoid their own improper stop-loss and face unnecessary losses

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