Foreign exchange trading in which the fault to firmly shake off I did forex trading this 10 years fell through the pit stepped on the mine

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[my story] (s Eastforexcashbackaads=window.sinaads||[]).push({element:document.getElementBy cashback forexd("Sina_Pl East forex cashbackta_AD")}); 2007, my first contact with foreign exchange, so far I found that the most important thing to overcome is to admit your mistakes, correct your mistakes, forexcashbackcalculator always remind yourself not to make the same mistakes again!  These years engaged in foreign exchange cashbackforexbtc experience significant losses, often not because of technology, but before the pit, will be because of arrogance, greed and fluke and again into the pit, stepping on mines not long remember, is the most important human weaknesses we need to overcome in trading So, I will this 10 years of foreign exchange trading, their repeated mistakes are summarized below, hope that the later can help  A, foreign exchange trading operations Mistake 1: [frequent single] In fact, we all know that frequent single will increase the probability of making a mistake, but for a newcomer to the market, eager to find satisfaction in the market trading, will continue to order to do transactions even if it has been in the market for a long time traders, but also to avoid frequent single bad habits why? Because I am anxious to make more money I just do trading, the account from 100 U.S. dollars a week profit to 580 U.S. dollars, I am very excited and anxious, I hope the account as soon as possible up to 1000 U.S. dollars, so frequent single, and constantly increase positions, the results in a wrong market, overnight burst and in the aftermath, frequent single is also one of the reasons for my several burst, especially in the case of account shrinkage, it is difficult to control Their own demons Mistake 2: [stop-loss point set too close] I have always insisted: to do transactions to set a stop loss, from the risk control awareness, this is my advantage but the problem is that I did not carry forward this advantage For example, 500 U.S. dollars account, I developed a strict trading plan, the total position can not exceed 0.5 hands (at the time did not understand, this position is unreasonable), trading stop loss 10 ~ 15 points. 15 points, the result of $ 500 less than two weeks to shrink to $ 300, no big losses, but the stop-loss orders are very much I was wondering, looking for a senior to help me look at the list, the senior only a glance and said: you stop-loss point set unreasonable, too close, the normal fluctuations in the market will let you stop loss to close the position I suddenly realized that the stop-loss point to adjust some higher, the effect is very obvious So, set the stop-loss is certainly right, but The reason for this is that it is not a good idea to have a stop loss, but it is the trader who has to study and figure out the mistake 3: [heavy trading] Talking about this, I especially want to sing a sentence: ah ~ what a painful realization ~ heavy trading, is the main cause of my burst position, in most cases In fact, heavy trading is like taking chestnuts from the fire, who can guarantee not to be burned hands it? So do trading, must not just see the side of profit, high profits must be high risk, and we do trading the most due attitude is stable growth, not gambling-like overnight riches Mistake 4: [no trading system] No trading system, all by the competent judgment to do a single, the above-mentioned mistakes a [frequent single] and [heavy trading] is easy to commit Traders want to achieve the goal of profitability in the foreign exchange market. Establish a set of effective and complete trading system is very necessary to perform transactions according to the trading system, will continue to correct their wrong trading habits and thinking here, it is recommended that on the one hand, from the trading practice summary, good trading diary and plan; on the other hand, read more books on foreign exchange trading, many ideas, knowledge only in their own consciousness to form a very clear logic, can really use The second, forex trading mentality briefly said two points 1, [made a mistake to admit defeat]: admit their mistakes is not a big deal, from the mistakes in the summary of experience than in the mistakes addicted to guilt more effective 2, [not pride and conceit, do not suffer from loss]: do trading will indeed make people grow a lot before also had complacent, they are doing forex trading The fact is that trading should not be self-righteous in the attitude towards trading, cold treatment is more real than emotional  Third, about account shrinkage Most traders have a psychology, that is, when the account principal loss, there is not much feeling, because there is confidence to do back but after the account profit and loss, the mentality is very different I and many traders Exchange, account shrinkage after the lack of confidence, trading up at will So, in trading, let the emotional factors gradually reduced, more use of the system and technology most need to shout a: go to your account, I only do their own trading, big deal loss again!   Fourth, about the non-farm market A friend, every time in the non-farm market are very excited to ask the reason, he said: a master with me to do, he said the non-farm when you can do the ticket big!  The reason for this is that most of the non-farmers are small capital traders, the reason why they are small capital may be the general level or testing the waters; secondly, the non-farmers market belongs to the disorderly fluctuations, it is difficult to grasp, and gambling is not very different from this market is not a gambling market, should be distinguished from the third, as far as I The success rate is very low, and it is not advisable to take high risks to make small money.

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