Foreign exchange trading way survival first earn big and lose small

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First of all, we must underst East forex cashback that there are forexcashbackcalculator 2 reasons for Eastforexcashbackes: 1, heavy trading 2, not set a stop loss in the foreign exchange market, want to do long-term stable profits, the need for systematic learning, the need for a certain amount of time to accumulate, technical analysis, capital cashbackforexbtc, position patience, mindset management and so on many aspects, today to give you first of all, one of the heaviest links. Capital management, only the capital management well, you can first survive, and then have time to slowly learn the other links, many people to death do not know how to die constantly violent positions, and finally only left the market capital management, like martial arts novels, like the internal martial arts techniques, only first practice the internal martial arts techniques, and then learn the moves, the power will be endless trading way only eight words: survival first (keep the principal) earn big loss small (win-loss ratio of 2:1 or more) before sharing, please be sure to establish a correct concept: 1, in the foreign exchange market to make cashback forex, is to rely on light position compounding mode, day after day, accumulate less into more, long-term slow accumulation of money (on what is the compounding mode, I will be separate to speak) 2, rely on heavy fast money is like gambling, there are many people by some ads, the old king next door, listen to that who Who said that how many times in a month or a very short period of time, even if someone did, if you still have been heavy gambling, the end is certainly a warehouse, not worth learning the process of loss is: after the loss of principal, affect the mentality, heavy trading, want to earn back the previous loss, and then continue to greater losses, and finally broken, until the warehouse, and then borrow money, from the new process to go again. The vicious circle, which is also my previous experience if we set up the right concept at the beginning, with the right method, the principal protection, the latter things will not happen, right? The secret of money management is: forex academy tips: the rest of the article need to log in to continue reading Oh! Login Now

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