Forex platform with frequent slippage Better try to choose British and American forex platforms!

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Eastforexcashback the UK East forex cashback the United States such strict regulation of the country, the regulator requires cashbackforexbtc to report each day of trading data and records, any slippage and unusual circumstances of the delay will be subject to review However, there are still some brokers because of asymmetric slippage and other circumstances were fined heavily cashback forex is still the most used trading forexcashbackcalculator for brokers, more than 1,000 active customers Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) Under the supervision of the use of MT4 platform there are about 150 brokers, the United Kingdom and the United States use MT4 platform brokers are relatively small, more self-managed platform Throughout the market in various countries, more favored to use the MT4 platform is Asia, Cyprus and the Middle East, as well as offshore and other regions of traders in China, including white label and master label, hundreds of large and small platforms, almost 100% use MT4 platform. Of course, we should exclude the black platforms that use pirated versions of MT4. Many MT4 brokers are white label clients of Midas, they pay a fee to set up a white label platform but the actual orders are quoted from another retail broker, or in some cases, they act as "market makers" and digest them internally. The real situation with these orders is that apart from the UK, US and Australia, (read more good forex articles at Forex Academy) few brokers and traders in other countries pay enough attention to the slippage issue Cyprus CySEC is the body that regulates many forex brokers, but in reality, it does not audit the slippage and execution of brokers, and the regulated brokers usually publish their own execution reports. Report, and no regulatory agencies involved in the United States then audit these order execution, the National Futures Association (NFA) also issued new regulations at the end of March this year, requiring that when customers apply, foreign exchange dealer members (FDMs) must disclose trade execution information to retail customers UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) also said that if a regulated company is found to have failed to meet its best execution obligations Then the regulator will take appropriate measures to further investigate the behavior of the relevant companies and individuals and the United States, the FCA also intends to allow brokers to disclose the profit and loss of customer accounts to better assess the risk of trading products so in the choice of foreign exchange platform, you traders or try to choose to accept the NFA or FCA under the supervision of the platform business (foreign exchange formal trading platform list), they may also be The companys main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

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