Forex symmetrical triangle trend

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forex margin trading trend pattern cashbackforexbtc divided into many kinds, forexcashbackcalculator East forex cashback is one of them, we should see how to underst cashback forex the symmetrical triangle reaction to the trend and generalization of the symmetrical triangle pattern within the first high and low point extended to the top of the triangle this straight line is called the neck line force distance, a symmetrical triangle its Eastforexcashback signal is usually generated in the neck line force distance of 1/2 or 3/4 at this distance, the breakthrough, generally stronger, theoretically, if the price exceeds 3/4 length position, still has not produced an effective breakthrough, foreign exchange margin trading exchange rate will slowly run to the top of the symmetrical triangle, long and short forces offset each other, the price continues to move sideways, but in practice, there are often prices until the run to the top of the triangle, only to produce an upward or downward breakthrough foreign exchange Margin trading symmetrical triangle breakthrough, there will often be a reversal phenomenon, upward breakthrough to produce a reversal is a better buy low point, and downward breakthrough, investors should resolutely leave the field, do not die waiting for the appearance of the reversal point, because once the downtrend is generated, often this reversal simply does not appear symmetrical triangle breakthrough, upward and downward space is measurable theoretically, foreign exchange margin trading Symmetrical triangle breakout, the minimum upward and minimum downward is the width of the symmetrical triangle, that is, the vertical distance between the first vertex and the first low in the symmetrical triangle pattern investment strategy in most cases investors should follow the wait, watch, rest strategy, until the direction of the breakout, before entering the market forex margin trading symmetrical triangle is only Many kinds of trend patterns among one, this trend pattern breakthrough also has two possibilities, that is, up or down, but sometimes combined with the fundamentals we will find that the next direction is not clear, both may, this time the best way is to terminate the transaction, wait and see what happens!

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