Forex Trading Straight Currency Pairs Basic Attributes Introduction

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Forex trading, the choice of Eastforexcashback forexcashbackcalculator East forex cashback cashback forex has a crucial role in the success or failure of traders transactions, and for how to choose the right currency pair for their own trading, has been the cashbackforexbtcsue of great concern to many foreign exchange traders Speaking of which, we have to talk about the difference between foreign exchange straight currency pairs and foreign exchange cross currency pairs especially for Foreign exchange investment novice, choose a foreign exchange currency pair they are good at trading is very important in the foreign exchange market, more than 70% of investors in the foreign exchange straight trading, is the foreign exchange investors very favorite foreign exchange varieties, is also relatively easy for investors to start foreign exchange products choose foreign exchange straight currency pairs: refers to and the dollar-related currency pairs, all and the dollar-related currency pairs are The number of foreign currency pairs is large, but we commonly trade the most volume of foreign currency pairs, such as: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF and so on, from which investors can choose their own suitable trading varieties for foreign exchange trading foreign currency pairs can be specifically divided into the dollar in the front, such as USD/JPY, and the dollar in the back, such as EUR/USD, the front The front currency code is the base currency, and the back currency code is the secondary currency currency pair is used to compare the value of the secondary currency pair, if there is no secondary currency pair there is no way to estimate the value of the base currency pair through the mutual pairing of two currencies, we can simply determine the value of another currency fluctuations currency exchange rates are two-way fluctuations, the use of currency pairs will only need to watch one side of the Foreign exchange cross currency pairs: refers to the two currencies are not the U.S. dollar currency pairs, common crosses are EUR/GBP, GBP/CHF, EUR/JPY spread plate is susceptible to interference from a variety of factors usually the same factor on the cross plate impact degree is greater than the degree of impact on the straight plate, therefore, it is not recommended that foreign exchange novices with cross currency pairs for trading do cross plate is The foreign exchange market in the real investors often use a method of unsettlement, in the case of straight trading is trapped, many investors are reluctant to stop loss, and choose to cross plate for unsettlement operation should be said that if used well, cross plate operation can effectively reduce the cost of our positions, so that the position has been trapped faster unsettlement if not used well will achieve the opposite effect above is the foreign exchange foreign exchange straight currency pairs and The relationship between the foreign exchange cross currency pairs, next we will explain their respective trend characteristics fluctuation amplitude relatively large currency pairs: GBP/USD GBPUSD is the entire foreign exchange market by the short term investors favorite currency pairs, because its fluctuation amplitude is relatively large, set the stop loss is also more difficult, a single day may appear repeated quotes more times, retracement strength and other characteristics are The British pound has relatively strong attributes of the most popular currency pairs: EUR/USD According to statistics, Europe and the United States should be the most popular straight currency pairs by investors, because its trend is relatively consistent with the U.S. dollar index, and because its trend is stable, not very aggressive, and not very slow, so Europe and the United States by the majority of investors love In addition, Europe and the United States tend to meet the technical surface criteria, so that Investors believe that there are signs to follow, so the investment in Europe and the United States has become the main force in the foreign exchange market in the straight plate less volatile currency pairs: USD/CHF U.S. Swiss is the straight plate currency pairs less volatile, its due to the Swiss franc is a safe-haven currency and lead to the Swiss francs volatility is not large, so the volatility of the U.S. Swiss is affected by the impact of its volatility relative to other currency pairs smaller although less volatile, but investors can not The next thing well talk about is the characteristics of the crosses in the foreign exchange currency pairs. The biggest feature of the spread plate currency pairs is that the fluctuation pattern is extremely poor, which is not conducive to traders judgment and because of its large intra-day fluctuations, it is more difficult to set a stop loss. In addition, due to the coldness of the cross currency, it is difficult to collect comprehensive information, which makes it more difficult for traders to analyze the intervention factors are also more, there are often a lot of unexpected situations.

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