Forex trading tips there is hope if you live

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January 15, 2015 after the East forex cashback central bank announced the abandonment of the euro Swiss cashbackforexbtc m cashback foreximum 1.20 forexcashbackcalculator rate floor, the Swiss franc instantly skyrocketed, Swiss franc / euro, Swiss franc / dollar rose once more than 30%! Those Eastforexcashback who were short the Swiss franc suffered a catastrophe, many traders not only blew their positions, but also had balances in their accounts Of course those lucky traders who chose to go long on the Swiss franc made a serious profit that day The screenshot above is of one traders lucky clients These traders not only made a profit, but also got out of the money smoothly The trader also admitted that traders who were short the Swiss franc were the majority and lost far more money than these The eight traders who made the most money for the lucky ones came from different countries, and the most profitable one was a client from the United Arab Emirates, who made more than $110,000. To make $110,000 you need to work for at least 13 years, while if its forex trading, you only need to short USDCHF 4 standard lots before the Swiss central bank announced the removal of the exchange rate floor on January 15! Or you do not have such a large amount of money to trade, you just trade 0.4 lots, your profits will be more than your whole year of work income here I am not exaggerating or encouraging you to speculate in foreign exchange, after all, the risk of foreign exchange trading is very large, the extreme fluctuations of the Swiss franc is a profound demonstration of the risk of foreign exchange trading if you are short the Swiss franc, then your years of savings or profits will evaporate in an instant! I would like to say that if you are still in the financial market, in terms of financial perspective, your future has infinite possibilities, as long as you live there is hope similar to the Swiss franc soaring black swan event certainly does not happen often, but by no means unprecedented, the market at any time there are a variety of unexpected make you rich and bankrupt events occur if you are afraid of such risky events, or can not afford to lose money, the wise The approach is to quit if you are psychologically prepared and can withstand the financial risk, insist on playing then my advice is to try to protect their funds, as long as they are still playing in the foreign exchange market, the next black swan event you may be the lucky ones more forex learning - forex introductory basics, how to speculate in foreign exchange, please visit: forex basics learning section 

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