How much is Forex leverage

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How much East forex cashback Forex cashback forex?  As mentioned, your marg cashbackforexbtc is the money you invest. So say you pay $1,000 in Eastforexcashback for a $100,000 contract, thats a rate that if the currency rate changes by, say, 0.5%, then your margin will change by 50% because the value of the contract is 100 times the margin, so the You can reduce your forexcashbackcalculator by using a stop-loss price. This price is determined by your investor. Likewise, you can set a winning price and your position will be automatically closed out when your set winning rate is reached, so you dont have to check your position all the time and you can control your trades. For example, if the market suddenly changes rapidly, the parties involved in Forex trading may not be able to execute the pre-set prices because they are no longer in control of the trading environment. The greater the leverage, the smaller the amount of margin used per single, the more available margin can be used to resist the greater the risk, but because high leverage can be more than low leverage to do the number of orders and the volume of orders will reduce the amount of funds in the account to resist the risk of increased risk, so that the size of the risk is not leverage, but in the investors control of the position, that is, capital management. hellip; … how to choose the leverage ratio? What is the difference between them engaged in foreign exchange margin trading (also known as foreign exchange leveraged transactions), in essence, is engaged in the purchase and sale of contracts First, the international offer of foreign exchange are five digits, in the euro, for example, the euro / U.S. dollar 1.2800, which represents 1 euro can be converted to 1.2800 U.S. dollars when the euro from 1.2800 fluctuations to 1.2801 or 1.2799, fluctuations 0.0001, which is called 1 point Second, in the international arena, the prevailing basic is this: 1 standard contract worth 100,000 U.S. dollars (100,000 U.S. dollars), a mini-contract worth 10,000 U.S. dollars (10,000 U.S. dollars) a point value is how much? 100,000*0.0001=$10, 10,000*0.0001=$1. So whether for 1:100 leverage or 1:400 leverage, one point of a standard contract is $10, and one point of a mini contract is $1. Third, so 100,000/100 times = $1,000, 100,000/400 times = $250. 400 times = $250, that is to say, to do a standard contract, if it is 1:100 leverage, you need to use your account funds of $1000, if it is 1:400 leverage, you need to use your account funds of $250 So how much money is still active in your account? How much risk can be resisted? For example, the account capital of $ 6000, buy 1 euro / U.S. dollar down for example (a point 10 U.S. dollars, if 1:20 times the leverage, to do a standard contract required margin of $ 5000, the account there are 000 U.S. dollars is active, can resist the risk of 100 points of reverse fluctuations, when the market price fluctuations in reverse loss of more than 100 points When a margin call occurs, the system will be forced to close the position for you (at this time the risk is large), 1:100 times leverage: occupy funds of $ 1000, there are $ 5000 in the account is active, can resist the risk of reverse fluctuations of 500 points, when the market price fluctuations and losses over 500 points, a margin call occurs, the system will be forced to close the position for you (the risk is general, 1:400 When the market price fluctuates upwards with a loss of 575 points, a margin call will occur and the system will be forced to close the position for you (the risk is small compared to 1:100 leverage). The higher the leverage ratio, the lower the risk of margin calls! At the same time to note that if the leverage is high, each single occupies a small margin, it is possible to control more orders, then the risk will increase

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