How to capture the foreign exchange short term spread

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foreign cashback forex trend cashbackforexbtc adjustment trend is a very normal phenomenon, usually up market will not be formed East forex cashback place in one step, forexcashbackcalculator adjustment market will not directly form a reversal, the market in the operation of the general will appear a few waves of strong rebound trend foreign exchange investors can grasp Eastforexcashback market volatility opportunities, the use of reasonable technical analysis means to earn short term rebound trend spread profits Technical theory There is a kind of called three consecutive negative rebound, its performance on the plate for the adjustment of the city, the rapid formation of rebound K-line combination pattern pattern theory is based on, when the foreign exchange market in the adjustment of the downtrend in the city appears to fall faster and faster, when the decline in inclination is also increasingly steep, and usually accompanied by a sharp decline in the signs of transaction amplification more and more fierce struggle, giving the illusion of a market formation collapse This In this case the vast majority of foreign exchange investors are not involved in this foreign exchange trend, but this opportunity pattern but often can suddenly stop the stabilization of this indicates that the market environment has not changed, which has the operation of the main capital, the decline in the early part of the main capital deliberately formed, at this time investors can seize the opportunity to short term can participate in  three consecutive negative rebound pattern in the practical application of the specific technical skills are as follows: & nbsp nbsp; First, the market in the three consecutive negative rebound pattern for the foreign exchange needs to show the acceleration of the decline, which in the third day before this trading day to fall greater than 1%, the second day of the decline to be greater than 2%, the day before this trading day to fall at least greater than 2.5%, get used to gradually expand the decline in the traits of  Second, the market in a series of three negative at the same time, there A large number of signs of long and short exchange of hands, which is reflected back in the volume and the small time frame of the dramatic fluctuations  Third, observe the technical indicators, 60-day deviation rate BIAS need to be less than -10  Fourth, the market has broken down continuously, and even after closing three negative, the currency pair retracement suddenly eased, the exchange rate in this trading day to close positive, and engulfed yesterdays down K line for good  nbsp; Fifth, bottoming out in the process of rising market volume from less to more signs, and near the close is at the highest price of the day, short term technical indicators form divergence, small level time frame of the averages long alignment, foreshadowing the market has further upside  Finally, forex traders should note that the triple negative pattern rebound technique is a short term trading technique, this method is the choice This method is not suitable for medium and long term investors, nor for investors lacking short term practical investment experience when the market is in a strong bottom area, can leave the short term to increase position time so investors in the actual application, but also combined with the prevailing market environment to be comprehensive analysis

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