How to correctly understand long term investment

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Long Eastforexcashback cashbackforexbtc also has skills First of all, long term investment East forex cashback never indiscriminate, just grab a stock forexcashbackcalculator long term investment Some investors believe that long term investment is to buy low when the stock price is low, and then long term holding will certainly be profitable In fact, the quality of the stock is very important, if the fundamentals of the stock is cashback forex fully analyzed and studied, regardless of whether the stock has upside potential. If you do not have sufficient analysis and research on the fundamentals of individual stocks, regardless of whether the stocks have upside potential, you may not get a long term investment, or even a negative return. Long term investment is not to look at the current qualification of the company, but to see its potential growth to become the preferred indicator of long term investment. lasting, whether the market outlook is broad; whether the enterprise has a strong ability to product innovation, renewal; whether the financial position of the enterprise is good, cash flow and flow rate is normal; whether corporate earnings and profits from the main business income, rather than a side business or other crooked; whether the enterprise has a strong ability and desire for equity expansion; whether the enterprise has a leader who is actively pioneering innovation, etc., are elements to be observed Second, long-term investment can not be unheard of Some investors believe that long-term investment is like a bank deposit, after buying the stock unheard of, expecting to make a fortune with their eyes closed, which is simply the same as a cover-up Third, long-term investment should have a specific operating plan program These programs are developed to help investors to implement investment thinking, firm confidence in holding shares, and ultimately achieve long-term investment success However, the environmental factors in the market is constantly developing and changing, we have to adjust the program and goals in a timely manner according to the rising trend of stock prices, so that the program and goals for their own services, can not be bound by the program and goals Fourth, long-term investment eventually need to sell investors should not forget that the fundamental purpose of long-term investment is to make profits, as the life cycle of enterprises and human life, roughly through the teenage period In addition, when the upward momentum of the stock price is hindered, or the overall market trend turns weak, investors should also take profits at the right time. Investors should also take profits at the right time to close, do not be attached to the war

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