How to determine whether the support line can hold up or not

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to the cashbackforexbtc l Eastforexcashbacke, forexcashbackcalculator then up, East forex cashback the support did cashback forex rise, down, is not supported to define the words is the unit time k-line closing price above or below the support line estimate will be said, up and down, or down and up we will be called to a false breakthrough but in fact, broken is broken from the probability that the support back to close not fall below the support strength, much greater than the closing fall below the next K From the development of the market, not broken usually have a wave of pull-up, although not necessarily a new high and broken recovery is more likely to be a sideways shake or downward so you guys, false breakthrough is also part of the breakthrough, any price is not to take a pen drawing, that is a real money hit out even if it is a false breakthrough, that also represents a willingness of funds, in short, you have to be careful someone will said, that how I encountered what what the market is not so first, said the probability of the second, the greater the chart time period, the more effective support third, in fact, how many people made the mistake in this, is that you draw the line is not effective support What is effective support, I personally believe that only the important stage head, the bottom of the pattern position is effective support Some people like to draw the golden mean to find support, 61.2 broke there is 50, that also represents a willingness of capital. 61.2 broken and 50, then broken and 38.2, in the end which is effective, most of them are trying their luck I tell you, the golden mean extended out, in the early market can find the stage low position is effective using the trend line support is the same reasoning trend line slope expresses the strength of the trend development, of course, the strength is gradually slowed down, so you will keep drawing the line, you expect the trend line can support, how is this possible, how can the trend always maintain a strength using the mean support system is the same reason In addition, there are pivotal resistance support, cloud charts, and Barra Barra other these I do not love to play, anyway, if you use them as support, there will always be effective when, but, in essence, out of the history of the price run itself and find the support are hit and miss you have to remember one thing The reason why every support and resistance is effective is because of the large amount of money piled up in this position in the early What kind of position will pile up a lot of money? One is the price run occurred turn, one is a long period of narrow horizontal trading Finally, and then remind a little, the word support level, very deceptive I suggest that serious people, in the spirit of responsible trading attitude, later only say support range and resistance range market how can be composed of a point support support is a region, figured this out, you will reduce some unnecessary sweep stop loss

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