How to find the right forex analysis indicators for yourself

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forex East forex cashback most dependent on a variety of technical Eastforexcashbackdicators, which is actually a helpless not rely on indicators rely on what? In the use of indicators to select currency pairs often have great flaws, must be noted that in general, technical analysis methods are based on price, volume cashbackforexbtc other historical information using statistics, mathematical calculations, drawing charts and other major means to determine the future direction of the market So how to find the right foreign forexcashbackcalculator indicators for yourself? Foreign exchange investment editor here will be a few of their own more comfortable indicators and readers to share the first must say the golden mean this in the 4th century BC was discovered by ancient Greek mathematicians of the magical phenomenon due to the Fibonacci sequence and the Fibonacci series of the perfect fit and the reality of many things amazingly consistent, making its cloak of mystery in the process of practice of many foreign exchange investors, but also fully feel its in the A relatively long period of time in the market, for the support and resistance position of the early judgment has a very high success rate of the golden mean is usually 0.618, of course, derived from its 0.382, 0.236, 0.191 and other figures also have important significance in general, the golden mean is mainly used in the unilateral market, whether unilateral bull or unilateral bear, as long as you can find a definite stage of the markets The 61.8% retracement position can generally become the ultimate retracement level of the turnaround market under the assumption that the trend will not change. The key is to achieve matching, otherwise it may also cause deviations in the forecast data Another technical indicator that is very suitable for the foreign exchange market is the RSI The reason why it is suitable is that this indicator is an indicator that does not involve the volume, it is purely a reflection of the strength of buying and selling popularity, which is in line with the characteristics of the foreign exchange market More importantly, in my practice, I feel that its sensitivity is It is significantly higher than the MACD, which has a similar role, and the leading indicator is quite obvious, although the effectiveness will be slightly inferior RSI Chinese name for the relative strength indicator, with 50 as the threshold to reflect market popularity, above 70 often represents overbought, below 30 is oversold, but simply look at the figures may not be too meaningful, the use of this indicator can start from two other aspects: one, combined with the exchange rate level for The top divergence and bottom divergence of the correct rate of judgment is very high, foreign exchange training; the same to the dollar index reached a high on September 11, for example, 14-day RSI are less than the two former highs on August 15 and September 8, and the exchange rate level presents a significant top divergence state, followed by the dollar index more than 200 points retracement therefore also in the effective prediction range of the indicator Second, different parameter values, such as 14-day RSI and 21-day RSI indicator combination is more effective than a single data RSI combination use often requires attention to the gap between different days parameter value indicators, foreign exchange, especially when the two are tangential with the use of other indicators will have good results Finally there is a more general indicator SAR, often referred to as the stop-loss turn operating point indicator In general, the SAR indicator has four operating principles: First, when the When the exchange rate from the SAR curve below the beginning of the upward breakthrough of the SAR curve, for the buy signal two, when the exchange rate upward breakthrough of the SAR curve and continue to move upward while the SAR curve also upward movement, indicating that the upward trend of the exchange rate has been formed, SAR curve on the exchange rate constitutes a strong support, investors should firmly hold a long single or low code third and fourth is basically the reverse operation of the first two, the same relatively Good understanding of the general SAR indicator in the watchdog software are preset and in the turning point will usually have a color change, so is a relatively foolish operating guidelines, but does not take too much brainpower foreign exchange technology is as vast as the sea of smoke is by no means the author of a thousand words of text can simply summarize, of course, as long as you find the right indicators for yourself, whether it is simple or complex, I believe that you will be able to bring great help to your foreign exchange trading & nbsp;

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