How to quickly see the K-line chart in spot gold investment

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speculation forexcashbackcalculator gold, many investors have said that the K- East forex cashback chart cashbackforexbtc difficult to understand, do not know how to carry out analysis in fact, the K-line chart is not as difficult as we think, as long as you grasp the method, grasp the key points, in fact, you can quickly read the K-line chart below I will share with you to quickly view the K-line chart method, perhaps you can also read the K-line chart in a few minutes a, look at the yin and yang yin and yang represents the trend direction. The Eastforexcashback line indicates that will continue to rise, the negative line indicates that will continue to fall to the positive line, for example, after a period of time, the closing higher than the opening indicates that the gold bulls have the upper hand, according to Newtons theorem of mechanics, in the absence of external forces under the price will still run in the original direction and speed, so the positive line indicates that the next phase will continue to rise, at least to ensure that the next phase of the initial inertia upward, so the positive line often indicates Continue to rise, which is also very much in line with technical analysis in one of the three assumptions of gold prices along the trend fluctuations, and this trend is also the most core ideas of technical analysis the same can be derived from the negative line continues to fall two, look at the cashback forex line length shadow line represents a turning signal, the longer the shadow line to a direction, the more unfavorable to price changes in this direction, that is, the longer the shadow line, the more unfavorable to price increases, the longer the shadow line, the more unfavorable to The price falls to the upper shadow line, for example, after a period of struggle between the short and long, the long side finally defeated, a snake bite, ten years afraid of the well rope, whether the K-line is Yin or Yang, the upper shadow line part has constituted the next stage of the upper resistance, the probability of downward price adjustment is large by the same token, the lower shadow line indicates the probability of upward price attack is large three, see the size of the entity entity size represents the intrinsic power, the entity The larger the entity, the more obvious the upward or downward trend, and vice versa trend is not obvious to the positive line, for example, is actually higher than the opening of the part of the closing, the larger the entity of the positive line shows the more power to rise, such as the greater the quality and speed of the object, the greater the inertial impulse of physics, the larger the entity of the positive line represents its intrinsic upward momentum is also greater, its upward momentum will be greater than the entity of the small positive line by the same token can be The larger the entity of the negative line, the more downward momentum is also sufficient

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