How to use trend lines

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  First of all, there must be a bas f cashback forexexcashbackcalculator for the existence of a East forex cashback In other words, Eastforexcashback order to draw a rising trend cashbackforexbtc, we need at least two valid upward bounce bottom point, and the latter to be higher than the former Needless to say, the two points determine a straight line   The above is only an experimental trend line in order to verify its validity, must see the price of the third touch the line, and from its top again bounced out    In summary, we must first have two points before making a trend line, and then use the third point to verify the validity    As long as the third point is fulfilled, and the trend is still according to The trend line can guide our operation    The basic idea of the trend concept is that the next step of an established trend is often the development of the trend    Once a trend, as marked by its trend line, has a certain slope or rate of evolution After that, it will usually continue to maintain the same slope so the trend line not only identifies where the price limit is during the market correction phase, but more importantly, shows where the original trend is changing    For example: in an uptrend, an adjustment drop is inevitable, but it often just touches or is very close to the The corresponding uptrend line because our purpose is to buy in the uptrend by the fall, so the trend line below the stock price provides the edge of support, just in time to do the buying area, while the downtrend line can be used as a pressure level, to achieve the purpose of selling    As long as the trend is not broken, we can use it to determine the buy or sell area, however If the trend line is broken, it will also send a signal that the trend has changed, requiring us to close all positions established in the direction of the original trend trend line breakthroughs are often the best warning signal of a change in trend

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