How to watch the market to make money

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Knowledge, each person do cashback forexg speculation in cashbackforexbtc forexcashbackcalculator will be watching the plate, so as to make speculation in foreign exchange dec Eastforexcashbackions watching the plate is in the observation of the foreign exchange East forex cashback, although we look at the same price fluctuations, but each person after watching the plate taken after the speculative behavior of foreign exchange is very different, and the vast majority of speculation in foreign exchange are to fail and end, only a few people can be observed through the foreign exchange market to find a good opportunity to speculate in foreign exchange and grasp the opportunity to speculate in foreign exchange  The foreign exchange market is like a mysterious veil of treasure, countless investors want to see through the mystery of the veil and get wealth, but the volatility of the foreign exchange market fluctuations but many people not only can not see through its mystery, but fall into the foreign exchange market wealth trap to the foreign exchange market is so wonderful, if you can read it, it will bring you super happy, if you can not read it, it will bring you super Observe the foreign exchange market is more important than predicting the foreign exchange market, only through observation you can find the opportunity to speculate in foreign exchange, only through observation you can determine whether you should enter or leave the field, the key is that you have to be able to read the language of the foreign exchange market indeed, the foreign exchange market has its own language, as humans have their own language, it will be through its unique language to tell the investor who can understand how you should You may think this is nonsense, but it only proves that you cant read it, just as you cant read the beast in the eyes of the trainer. The point is how do we observe the Forex market?  This problem is as complicated as the unsolved equations, as simple as the seasons of the year so clear as to observe the foreign exchange market must first observe the state of the foreign exchange market, that is, long or short state, is the trend or finishing state, which is a macro judgment, I believe that the vast majority of investors are capable of doing this, because whether in the upward trend or downward trend, or in the finishing oscillation We can hear many people have a clear judgment in this, this judgment is easy to make, just after making this correct judgment we still can not really speculate in foreign exchange, this is only a principle judgment, can not be translated into concrete action, so here no longer detailed but make this judgment is very important, since it is a principle judgment, it can naturally help us to avoid making mistakes of principle, we Only by not making mistakes of principle and direction can we avoid the risk of subversion Second, the main object of observation in the foreign exchange market is the price, and nothing else, investors must firmly establish this concept you should be clear that any technical tools are for the price, rather than the price for the technical tools, which is a fundamental thing in any market, you can not do technical tools to fully support the price operation, because any technical tools are only adapted to a certain state of the price, but not all in the trend market you should focus on the average or trend line, in the oscillator market you should focus on stochastic or oscillator indicators, in the breakout market you can use the time cycle to verify, as in the summer wear short sleeves winter wear cotton jacket "But so far, you still have not talked about How exactly should I watch the forex market?" If you think so after reading the above exposition, then the following text will not be much help to you, Im afraid, because what is said above is the basis for observing the foreign exchange market, if you do not have the basis for observing the foreign exchange market, there is no way to talk about specific observations We must observe whether the nature of the foreign exchange market changes after having the basic ability to observe the foreign exchange market, it is not difficult to do this already as Soybeans from February 11, the price has been in the various averages above, which indicates that the foreign exchange market again into the long state, but this is not yet able to confirm whether the foreign exchange market to form an upward market, and February 18 released the largest volume in several months and record highs and 19 relatively small volume back to draw, the end of the market to stand again in the 3500 new highs, the foreign exchange market performance is in Tell investors that it is not only in a long state, and also to start a rising market This is the language of the foreign exchange market, it is telling us "Im going up!" Similarly, August rubber in March 23 prices again back below the 20-day average, which is to remind us at least long should leave the field, and can sell a small amount first, because at this time we also can not confirm whether the foreign exchange market began to fall or plunge, but March 29 prices fell below 16000 this original always can not penetrate the key price of long support, the foreign exchange market is telling us that rubber Not only has it been in a short position, but also to enter the bear market, it is telling us "sell it!"  This is the wonderful language of the Forex market, very pleasant to the ear, I heard it and executed the Forex market orders (not my forecasts) based on my usual great respect for the Forex market I felt the greatness of the Forex market and the importance of obeying the Forex market orders and the rewards that come with it Of course, the Forex market will often test you for a while before giving important orders, i.e. it will give orders that will make you lose money to test you. You lose instructions to test whether you really respect it and believe it The vast majority of people can not stand the test, began to no longer believe in the so-called foreign exchange market instructions, began to believe in their own subjective predictions and judgments, so finally the foreign exchange market will naturally abandon him, hit him, torture him We want to be friends with the foreign exchange market, friends for a long time, each other will naturally believe and respect the above speculation in foreign exchange can be simply summarized as follows According to the average line to do preliminary speculative foreign exchange, breakthrough key points (such as the high and low points of the consolidation range, etc.) is to confirm that our preliminary speculative foreign exchange is correct, and then add code to follow up 1 2 Next After making this most critical step, we still have a lot of work to do, there are many foreign exchange market behavior needs to be observed first, the initial breakthrough is the most important and most difficult period, we Must first observe whether the price is back to the breakthrough of the key points above, as long as not back to the breakthrough of the key points above, then any repetition is the foreign exchange market in further testing you only, at this time never can not afford to test and exit on their own if the price is back to the breakthrough of the key points above, must first come out and then observe the further evolution of prices, observe the action after the same as the above if it is really a wave big market, the price will certainly continue to new highs (or new lows), as long as the price continues to come out of the new highs (lows), it means that the trend is still continuing of course, the price will be running in the process of continuous rebound or pullback, but at this time the average has come up, it will protect your winnings and as long as you successfully passed the initial stage of the breakthrough, you are already in a completely favorable position, at this time, you not only You can use the averages to protect profits, you can also comfortably use the golden mean of the various means to determine whether the foreign exchange market is in the adjustment rebound or possible reversal at this time, we focus on observing whether the price is still a new high (new low), so as to determine whether the trend continues, as long as the trend continues, then we hold positions to let profits grow fully The foreign exchange market in the breakthrough run after a period of time, if adjustment again, at this time we want to know the most is: is this a normal adjustment or in the construction of the head? We still come to a conclusion by observing first, we observe whether the 50% position is penetrated or important support lines, key averages are penetrated, as long as the above key positions are not penetrated, then we can calmly assess the foreign exchange market as a normal adjustment, such as soybeans in March 2 to 15 this period of the market, that is, the price did not fall below the 20-day average, the closing price has never returned to 50% of the position below, we will assess it as a long state of adjustment of the market any trend in the adjustment of the market for investors who did not start in the trend to build on the position, is the market should focus on, because once the price breaks through the adjustment range again, it means that the new price run will start again At this time to follow up although the price level than in the trend when the start seems less desirable, but my experience tells me At this time is very safe and stable, just like a start train, after a stop at a station to start again, because we can not all in the starting station on board, the middle on board the same can reach the target we can use soybeans and soybean meal and other varieties to verify this practice because at this time the price again new high (low), the general investors will think that the price is already too high (low) and dare not enter, but the foreign exchange market is Just at this time again issued a pleasant speculative foreign exchange instructions: "Follow up!" This is very much in line with the classical Chinese philosophy: the sound of a loud voice Indeed, we are mainly through the price to observe the foreign exchange market some investors may think: "not so simple ah!" But I think thats because he himself made the simple things complicated, because he is not observing the key position of the foreign exchange market, but in looking at the specific price fluctuations, the specific price fluctuations such as the foreign exchange market in the dance, the foreign exchange market through its charming dance to confuse investors, so that you can not see its true face we through the observation of the key position of the foreign exchange market changes to see the true face of this charming dancer After removing the makeup of the real face, and can not be confused by its surface into the field so, out of the field in principle is similar The above is to observe the foreign exchange market to trend speculation in foreign exchange, for swing speculators, after the price runs a period of space, if the price of a day back to a new high (low) the day of the lowest (high) price below, is an important profit-taking exit signal; we also need to focus on observing Speculative foreign exchange volume and positions and the previous period of comparison, speculative foreign exchange volume, positions suddenly and sharply enlarged, if the collection of positive, then the next few days the possibility of rising very large, otherwise the opposite Observation of the foreign exchange market, mainly through the observation of prices to find the key position of the foreign exchange market, the state of the foreign exchange market is changing and whether the trend is continuing, technical indicators are only used to verify whether the results of this observation is reliable and This way you really set the right price and technical tools, this relationship is set right, you look at the foreign exchange market will not be confused, at least in the key moment you will not be confused, and we really need the most in the key moment not confused, usually confused a little completely acceptable Previous 1 2

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