Investors need to master the speculative skills

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forexcashbackcalculator the foreign Eastforexcashback market, many investors due to lack of experience, so in the process of trading often make a lot of m East forex cashbacktakes then how to avoid meaningless losses? It is very simple, as long as investors master the process of foreign exchange trading skills, you will be able to avoid operational pitfalls in the foreign exchange market for investors to speculate in foreign exchange, theoretical knowledge of learning is important, but the actual operating skills is the most important thing to speculate in foreign exchange a, through the technical analysis of foreign exchange analysis of the market skills foreign exchange technical analysis can investors to do foreign exchange trading a necessary ability, through technical indicators Investors can find the pattern from the fluctuations in the market, cashbackforexbtc then make a judgment on the market, but remember one thing, foreign exchange technical analysis means is not a panacea, make good use of technical analysis but also good risk control, the following shares some technical analysis skills 1. daily and weekly while long, medium-term bearish timing; daily and weekly while short, medium-term bearish timing; 2. 60-minute line and daily while long, medium-term (1-3 days) Medium-term (1-3 days) bearish timing; 60-minute line and the daily line at the same cashback forex short, medium-term (1-3 days) bearish timing; 3. 30-minute line and 60-minute line at the same time long, short-term bearish timing; 30-minute line and 60-minute line at the same time short, short-term bearish timing; 4. 60-minute line and the daily indicator at the same time golden cross, medium-term (1-3 days) bearish timing; 60-minute line and the daily indicator at the same time Dead cross, medium-term (1-3 days) bearish timing; 5. 30-minute line and 60-minute line indicators at the same time a golden cross, short-term bearish timing; 30-minute line and 60-minute line indicators at the same time a dead cross, short-term bearish timing; 6. 15-minute line and 30-minute line indicators at the same time a golden cross, ultra-short-term bearish timing; 15-minute line and 30-minute line indicators at the same time a dead cross, ultra-short-term bearish timing; 7. 60-minute indicators The 60-minute indicator is at a relatively high level when the current price meets resistance, short term short timing; 60-minute indicator is at a relatively low level when the current price meets support, short term long timing 8. 30-minute or 15-minute indicator is at a relatively high level when the current price meets resistance, ultra-short term short timing; 30-minute or 15-minute indicator is at a relatively low level when the current price meets support, ultra-short term long timing 9. Daily indicators in the relative high when the current price encountered important resistance, the medium-term (1-3 days) short timing; daily indicators in the relative low when the current price encountered support, the medium-term (1-3 days) to do more timing 10. In view of this, when using technical analysis investors should learn to live with and can not be rigid  Second, short term foreign exchange operations and the use of timely indicators of skills to do short term foreign exchange operations is mainly dependent on technical indicators to make a judgment on the market, relative to the medium and long term for short term foreign exchange operations more convenient and fast, while the use of technical indicators for investors also put forward higher requirements, the following I will talk about the skills of short term foreign exchange operations to do short term foreign exchange operations generally in a rising market, MACD-based, MA60 for the auxiliary, the market a launch (before this, the exchange rate is generally no breakthrough) you may not quite believe that this time is the beginning of the market in general people dare not enter the market to do more, generally do short term foreign exchange operations of the psychology of people are like this, then you can be in the 5 The third positive minute of the beginning of the follow up for more stop loss on the start of the market position or smaller on the middle of the first positive position, even if you are pitted by the market once on the loss of about 15 points general no stop loss, at least you can harvest 30 points to 50 points, of course there are many people this time did not enter the ah then wait, wait until what time to go in? Then I tell you the best way is to wait for the first rush high, after the fall immediately after the follow-up, (note that generally draw a very often after the fall of the positive line), this time to follow up of course, also to stop loss, then is set in front of this long positive line a bottom! The exit point should be the second rush out of the high position out, this is the market just started the entry point and exit point, then there are more people want to catch in the rise in the fall back down to catch the rebound, so although dangerous, but mastering the entry point can earn the same, then how to choose it? It is in the exchange rate to create a second or third top time to go in, short to observe the MACD yellow line underneath the second cross with the white line after the empty best, stop loss in this top put about 15 points, this time because the exchange rate a strong rise, but the average line did not keep up when the exchange rate ran too far, then must be close to the MA60, and so the exchange rate back to the MA60 near the time is Out of the time (you can observe more than 5 minutes of the K-line and MA60 relationship) of course, there may be the first fall did not hit the MA60 when it will go up a little, this time we do not panic, just a false alarm, immediately down to the MA60 or so, you can get out of the field winnings in 30-50 points! Here is another question is this time out and how to operate it? Look at the 15-minute MACD, now may have become a dead fork, but 5 minutes is a golden fork, then this time do not blindly go in, wait for the 5-minute MACD to form a dead fork when you go in to do short, this time also involves a MA60 crossing problem, if you fall below the MA60, then you have been holding the fear of what, wait until the 15-minute MACD appears to turn head when out! Generally this practice is in the market big time, do not be after 23.30 to do such a market, because at that time there is no volatility, you may be set to do swing ultra-short, this market is a kind of oscillating upward market, then first began to move away from the MA60 upward, after a few positive lines and back to the MA60 near this time is the time to enter the market, of course, this time the most important is a long time to judge the trend of this market is not like the above said will run out of about 50 points in a very long time, this is only slowly rising, so it is near the MA60 each time is the time to enter the field but rely on the 15-minute MACD to determine its exit point, when the 15-minute MACD appears dead cross, that is the time to exit, of course, the stop loss is placed on the entry point The stop loss is placed below the MA60, which is generally a wave that lasts for 4 to 5 hours before it ends. Mainly for AUCAD these two currencies! Such a market is completely supported by the MA60, a small unilateral trend said so much, I wonder if you have any experience, of course, this is only the authors personal short term foreign exchange operations summed up in a little bit of experience, if you have any experience, you can exchange a piece of common improvement  three, medium-term operating techniques speculation foreign exchange operation skills have a lot, choose what kind of band often Not under our own control, which mainly depends on the market is more suitable for what kind of operation method for medium-term operations need to pay attention to these aspects of the following first, do not participate in the adjustment, pay attention to the end of the adjustment of the speculative foreign exchange market to give the signal adjustment is when the investor should rest, people can not always make money or make a deal, trading is for people, people are not living for the deal second, out of the field. Exit in this level of trend when the 4-hour platform trend with the original trend of the opposite signal when the exit such as the daily platform in the 60-day line down, when the 4-hour trend after a period of decline, there is 5 days up through 10 days, MACD bottom golden cross, exit tentatively set as a downward relay, pay attention to can MACD can not again with the 0 axis golden cross even if the wear up, look at the speculative foreign exchange trend line 60-day line trend third. When the adjustment is over, in the downward trend, under the 0 axis again MACD dead fork, 5 days wear 10-day line, again into the speculative foreign exchange market speculative foreign exchange is not a simple job, the need for investors to have a relatively clear judgment of various situations, so as to ensure the smooth conduct of transactions as far as possible, the choice of entry and exit points is particularly important  Fourth, the single chase of foreign exchange Investment techniques chase single is a common foreign exchange investment techniques used by investors, if the use of good can be obtained in a short period of time to win, but if the analysis of operational errors are also easy to cause losses in a short period of time to use a good chase single requires investors to master certain operational skills first of all is the timing of the grasp, the best time to chase single is in the market price polyglot fluctuations, which includes the break, and the general market opening before and after then is Investors in the entry after how to choose to close the timing of the problem, when the market price is broken after often towards the direction of the breakthrough for a period of time, the investors goal is to enter after the profit reached their expectations when the decisive closure of the position out of the market when the market fluctuates dramatically entry, the next second of the market may be very different from the previous second, and generally better method is to hang a single, even if the price of gold in your Single in the transaction process within a second of change, then your single is still traded in your initial price of a single that is, your single transaction began to make money for example, I do a single at 800, in the single transaction process in 1 second the price suddenly jumped to 802, then your single is still traded in 800 so chase single when the mind reaction must be fast, see the right price Immediately do a single, and quickly operate and an important skill is what? Because we chase a single when the price fluctuation is relatively fast, so after the single deal, should immediately set a stop-win price when the exchange rate to the stop-win price after the single automatically can complete the transaction foreign exchange investment chasing single skills is very important point is to set a stop-win, because human greed is always looking forward to the market is getting higher and higher, but the price is bound to fall, if not set a stop-win is likely to Because the inner greed and make their own has arrived at the winnings disappear again, many people think they can leave in time in the transaction, these people tend to overestimate their control of greed, the best way is to give everything to a fixed trading plan to implement  Five, forex investment unbeknownst to the analysis skills in forex trading, analysis can be broadly divided into basic analysis and Technical analysis of the two types of analysis, I believe that many investors are not unfamiliar, many people know the two analysis, but the real use of the time is not so simple then we will take a look at the two different ways of analysis basic analysis and technical analysis have their own advantages and disadvantages, if investors can be well used to complement the strengths and weaknesses, in the transaction can be The advantage of basic analysis is that it can be analyzed through a variety of macro factors to help investors choose a currency worth investing in, while technical analysis can help investors to calculate the exact time and price level of buying and selling. Although technical analysis has its advantages, it can never be completely dependent on technical analysis because technical analysis has a delay, it can only reflect the previous trend changes, the future trend changes need to be judged by the investor according to the direction of the trend, and this is still in consideration of the objective situation has not changed, so that technical analysis also has its limitations. The advantage of the analysis is that it is relatively simple, through the help of the computer, each currency exchange rate changes will be clear at a glance, but the basic analysis needs to consider a lot of factors, and in a variety of factors is not good to determine who has more influence on the foreign exchange market, so through the basic analysis of the judgment to consider a variety of factors which requires investors to constantly find a lot of information, very wasteful energy needs Note that a variety of different technical analysis principles, only to reflect the past price changes calculated from the indicators, does not represent the future trend, so another drawback of technical analysis is that the buy and sell signals often appear and the highest and lowest price distance, if not improvised, it is easy to miss the opportunity so that any individual analysis is not perfect, investors want to be in the foreign exchange trading Profitable, we must learn foreign exchange basic analysis and foreign exchange technical analysis

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