Is it suitable to develop foreign exchange business in China or not

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1993 the world retail cashbackforexbtc cashback forex market began to birth, from London to Hong Kong, Eastforexcashback then from Hong Kong East forex cashbackto mainland China, almost synchronously, the worlds earliest beginning of the formation of the foreign exchange spot margin retail trading, as practitioners in mainland China, we are fortunate to witness the birth of this "pinnacle" financial products a shake! More than 20 years have passed, the birth, formation and development of the worlds foreign exchange retail market and industry services, vividly, as if yesterday Chinas mainland, could have become the kingdom of foreign exchange, as soccer in Brazil, forexcashbackcalculator both policy and industry reality, have given me this dream to a deep blow more than 20 years have passed, the same overseas counterparts in the studio, small workshops, now some have been listed The studio is still a studio, the reality of the industry, the general situation of investors because of the lack of policy on the open, rough, low level of service and difficult to improve, upgrade, the lack of capital to protect professional technology, it is difficult to have a brand! The industry works like a thief, do not dare to be big, and even dare not grandly foreign exchange industry in the mainland was suffocated, watching foreign counterparts step by step to build up the foreign exchange industry giant ship, arbitrary, we can only become peoples agents, brand-name dealers in recent years, some domestic practitioners, but also only in the name of foreign institutions to do the platform, but not much long-term operation, but rather some "Black platform" mostly but in any case, the domestic practitioners try to platform operations is a kind of progress! In order to safety, as always, or manipulation services, in order to accumulate customer reserves as the main further development is nothing but foreign exchange funds, brokers, competitive business is the upgrade of the agent, policy risk, high operating capital requirements although prepared, but it is better to be prudent! Trading, after all, is our strength, but also the traditional services simple and direct, the shortcomings of the size of the bottleneck limit, single-account capital to $ 500,000, which greatly limits our development can only choose the number of customers to the size of the reserve and accumulation of diskman cultivation, accumulation is in fact also a very difficult job, more traders, the lack of professional goals, lack of service consciousness only want to seek the market in the Holy Grail, but this is a common misconception for more than 20 years to my insights, is a long period of depression, helpless waiting! No policy, no capital, where to get the technology? Coupled with the absence of in place associates, things are already difficult! Author: famous hand

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