Novice life saving twenty strokes

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cashback forex any investment cashbackforexbtc, the basic investment strategy East forex cashback consistent but for the complex forexcashbackcalculator changing foreign exchange market, mastering the general investment strategy is necessary, but on top of this, investors should learn and master certain practical skills, because some after a lot of practice tested investment techniques are Eastforexcashback only full of philosophical meaning, and in the actual battle has a strong sense of guidance We are here Summarized many of the foreign exchange market experts to summarize the 20 foreign exchange trading investment techniques advocated for the readers reference, I hope investors can benefit from 1, to free money investment remember, the money used to invest must be free money, that is, there is no urgent, accurate use of funds within a moment because, if the investor to family life necessary expenses to invest, in case of loss, it will directly affect the family livelihood or, with a money should not be used to When the money should not be used to invest to make money, the psychological disadvantage, so it is difficult to maintain an objective and calm attitude in decision-making, the chance of failure in the investment market will increase 2, know yourself as the top know yourself and your enemy, a hundred battles will not be lost but in the foreign exchange market, know yourself as the top, investors need to understand their own character, because people who are easily impulsive or emotional tendencies are not suitable for this investment successful investors, most of them can Control their emotions and have strict discipline, can effectively restrain themselves so that those who know themselves, in order to ultimately win in the currency market 3, face the market, abandon the illusion that the market is real, do not be emotional, excessive longing for the future and reminiscing about the past a senior trader said: a fantasy, emotional, very exposed people are a wonderful and happy people, but he is not suitable for investors, a successful A successful investor is able to separate his feelings, fantasies and trading 4, small investors should not blindly invest in successful investors will not blindly follow the views of the next person when everyone is in the same investment position, especially those small investors have followed, successful investors will feel the danger of changing course blindly is a fatal psychological weakness of small investors an economic data published, a news suddenly flashed out, the 5 minute price chart a breakthrough. 5 minutes price chart a breakthrough, it is the first to jump into the market is not afraid to lose money together, only afraid that we all earn from a sense, sometimes see the wrong market trend, or into a single sudden reversal of the situation, resulting in a single set, this is a normal phenomenon, even the master is not immune However, in how to make decisions and after the fact, the most stupid behavior is derived from the small household psychology 5, do not overtrade To become a successful investor, one of the principles is to keep 2-3 times more money at all times to cope with price fluctuations If you do not have sufficient funds, you should reduce the number of contracts held in hand, otherwise, you may be forced to cut positions due to insufficient funds to free up funds, even if the vision later proved to be accurate does not help 6, the idea is set, do not rashly change such as after full consideration and analysis, predetermined the day to enter the market The price and plan, do not change the decision easily because of the impact of the immediate price increases and decreases, based on the day price changes and market news and temporary decisions, unless it is a flash of investment sage, generally speaking, are very dangerous 7, when the opportunity to invest in the foreign exchange market, leading to failure of many psychological factors, a common situation is that investors face increasing losses, and even know that they can not A common situation is that investors face increasing losses, and even know that they can not be lucky, but often because of indecision, failure to make a decision when the opportunity arises, and therefore deeper and deeper, the loss increases the strong man to break the arm, when the break is broken 8, others do not implement the views of others here is not advocating arbitrariness must know that investors only you will be responsible for their own investment results when you have grasped the direction of the market and have a basic decision, do not easily change the decision because of the influence of the next person sometimes the views of others will Sometimes other peoples opinions can seem very reasonable, thus prompting you to change your mind, but only after the fact to find their own decision is the most correct so that other peoples opinions are always just a reference, their own opinions are the decision to buy and sell 9, not sure, wait and see investors do not have to enter the market every day, the beginning of the industry is often eager to enter the market to buy and sell, but successful investors will wait for the opportunity, when he entered the market, feeling doubt or uncertainty When he enters the market, he will also leave the market first, holding a wait-and-see attitude 10, appropriate stop buying and selling day after day trading may make your judgment gradually dulled a successful investor once said: Whenever I feel the mental state and judgment efficiency below 90%, I began to make no money, and when my state is lower than 90%, it will begin to lose money, at this time, I will put down everything and go on vacation short break from the market can make you re-acquaintance with the market The market, re-acquaintance with themselves, more help you see the future direction of investment remember, long in the forest, no trees 11, adversity, rest from the market investors because of the loss of personal interests, so the spirit of long-term extreme tension if the profit, there is a little satisfaction to comfort; but if in adversity, losses constantly, and even a series of unnecessary mistakes, then we must pay attention to, do not mind swelling lose sobriety and calmness, at this time, the best choice is to leave everything behind, leaving the city to rest and so on the end of the rest, temporary profit and loss has become a thing of the past, inflated mind has been calm, thought baggage has been removed believe that the efficiency of investment will be improved there is a saying, will not rest the general is not a good general, do not know how to rest and recuperate, break the enemy to draw the city from 12, patience is also investment investment market has a maxim that patience is a Investment but believe that few investors can do this, or really understand its meaning for people engaged in investment work, must develop their own good patience and endurance patience, is often a multiplier for investment success, related to the final result is precisely negative many investors, not their analytical ability is low, nor their lack of investment experience, but only the lack of a patience, which led to premature buying Or sell, incurring unnecessary losses Therefore, every investor involved in the foreign exchange market should realize from their own consciousness, patience is also an investment 13, the past price, let him go past it past price is often a rather difficult to overcome the psychological barrier many investors are influenced by the past price, resulting in wrong investment judgment because, in general, after seeing the high price, when the market At that time, even though various analyses show that the market will fall again, the market investment climate is very bad, but investors in front of these new low price level, not only will not sell the goods they hold, but also feel very low and have the impulse to buy, the results of the purchase will be firmly trapped Therefore, investors remember that the past price, let it completely past it 14 The market reversal, once the market reversal, the exchange rate fell to the stop loss point, to be brave enough to cut the meat This is a very important investment skills because the foreign exchange market risk is quite high, in order to avoid losses in case of investment mistakes, so every time you enter the market to buy and sell, we should set down Stop loss plate, that is, when the exchange rate fell to a predetermined price level, may also fall, the immediate transaction closed please so that the operation, the loss occurred is only limited, there is the ability to accept the loss, and not to further expand the loss, and even lost because even if a moment to cut the meat, but the investment capital is still in, stay in the green hills, there is no fear of burning wood 15, not a single bet engaged in foreign exchange transactions, to be measured, not to A single bet, the life savings or all the family money as the next big bet all into because in this case, once the market itself is not predicted, there is a big loss or even can not pull themselves out of the possibility of this is a more informed approach is the implementation of the pyramid plus code approach, the first part of the investment, if the market is clear, in their favor, and then increase part of the investment In addition, pay more attention to the time of market adversity. Never prevent a desperate bet mentality sprouted 16, do not miss for a few points in foreign exchange trading, profit do not blindly pursue the whole number in practice, some people in the establishment of positions, set themselves a profit target, such as to earn enough $ 200 and then leave, the psychology is always waiting for this moment after the arrival of profit, sometimes the price is close to the target, at this time the opportunity to close the profit is very good, but just short of A few points not in place, could have closed the money, but in the way of the original target, in the wait to miss the best price, sitting lost opportunity Please remember, in order to strong contention for a few points and miss things is not worth 17, see the trend is not right, counterattack sometimes with the market for trading, but the entry has been close to the end, we must pay attention to, once the reversal, see the trend is not right, to counterattack for example: in the long market after buying, the market price but Bull skin does not show then the market price back down sharply at this time do not panic, it is best to reflect on the current reversal of the potential, we must immediately cut positions, counterattack 18, looking for a breakthrough in the Pan Bureau when establishing positions Pan Bureau refers to the narrow range of market price fluctuations, buying and selling forces are evenly matched, temporarily in a state of tug-of-war situation whether rising market Pan Bureau or falling market Pan Bureau, once the Pan Bureau ends, breakthrough resistance or Support level, the market price will break the barrier and a sudden leap forward for experienced investors, this is a good time to enter the market to establish a position if the board belongs to the long-term closure, breakthrough board when the position established will be rich 19, beware of the rebound after a big fall and a sharp rise after the adjustment in the foreign exchange market, the price of a sharp rise or a sharp fall will not be like a straight line like a rise or a straight line like a fall, rise too quickly will always adjust, the fall too fierce also to rebound. Down too much to rebound, adjust or rebound the magnitude of the more complex, and not easy to grasp, so the exchange rate rose sharply after two or three hundred points or five or six hundred points to be extra careful, rather than wait and see, should not be rash to follow 20, learn to control the risk of the foreign exchange market is a very risky market, its risk is mainly to determine the price of foreign exchange variables are too much although now on the theory of foreign exchange fluctuations, doctrines are diverse But the volatility of the foreign exchange market is still often out of the investors surprise on the foreign exchange market investors and operators, the knowledge about the probability of risk especially to learn a little that is, in foreign exchange investment, it is necessary to fully understand the risks and benefits, the probability of winning and losing money and prevent several big problems if the risk control does not have an accurate understanding, arbitrary foreign exchange trading, losing money is inevitable

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