Novice speculation in foreign exchange how to quickly get started

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When East forex cashback choose to invest in forexcashbackcalculator cashbackforexbtc Eastforexcashback, cashback forex certainly the hope are hoping that they can quickly get started in foreign exchange trading next I take you to talk about speculation in foreign exchange how to quickly get started a, first we need to understand the characteristics of the foreign exchange market 1, foreign exchange trading is a market without a field of the financial industry in Western countries basically have two, that is, centralized buying and selling of centralized operations and no unified fixed Place of business network 2, 24-hour continuous trading because the global financial centers of countries with different latitudes and longitudes, the time difference caused by geography, the formation of a 24-hour continuous trading of the global foreign exchange market 8:30 a.m. (based on New York time) New York market opening, 9:30 a.m. Chicago market opening, 10:30 a.m. San Francisco opening, 18:30 a.m. Sydney opening, 19:30 a.m. Tokyo opening, 20:30 a.m. Hong Kong, Singapore opening 20:30 Hong Kong, Singapore opening, 2:30 am Frankfurt opening, 3:30 London market opening 3, two-way trading foreign exchange market and the traditional market is a difference is to buy, sell the opportunity to profit, the key is how we judge the timing of the transaction 4, leverage trading unless there is important information announced, under normal circumstances, the exchange rate changes are actually quite limited, but investors can choose the appropriate Margin leverage to the highest hundreds of times to enlarge their own funds, so that profits are quite substantial II, we need certain skills 1, do not hit the stone with eggs foreign exchange is different from the stock, when trading, investors often see the knowledge of whether the current price can enter the market, but ignore the overall up and down trend there is a part of the novice investors in the current price rise, high still want to be at a high point well do a short in When the price falls, always hope that the price is getting lower and lower, seeking a lower bottom but they forget the importance of homeopathic trading 2, profit maximization when the entry point and the trend will be found in their favorable direction, this time we need to quietly, so that the price as far as possible in a more favorable direction, making profit maximization a see small profits on closing the position is not the same as seeing good, so it is not good to gain less loss more So we need to learn to maximize profits three, to simulate the operation now most of the platform will provide a demo account, we can go to try more Why do we need to simulate the operation? A large number of simulation operations, do more will have a feeling, slowly develop a sense of plate and then summarize four, read classic books read some classic books on foreign exchange these do not need to spend much money, there are also many online on the speculation of foreign exchange e-books to search for themselves, here I do not do too much recommended when we engage in a new thing, we can only go to learn the methods of others, to learn from when we have a long time, we will form their own ideas. We will form our own ideas

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