Share a few tips for speculation in foreign exchange

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The exchange East forex cashback cashbackforexbtc hot, how to make a steady profit forexcashbackcalculator the Eastforexcashback market is the focus of attention, today we share a few tips for speculation in foreign exchange  Takeaway one: greed is cashback forex beneficial foreign exchange market and the stock market is completely different things, should be prudent, remember the short and fast foreign exchange market profit mainly from the economic fluctuations of countries, generally no big economic turmoil, the currency market will not produce huge changes, a slight deviation from the trajectory of the Trajectory, various national institutions, the world organization will intervene significantly Therefore, there are 1 to 2% profit, the investor is still quick to withdraw for the heart two: sell high buy low look for close trade relations, domestic political stability of the national currency, sell high buy low, make money no doubt close trade relations between the two countries have a tacit agreement to maintain a stable linkage in the currency of country B fell below the most common price, large-scale buying, not more than six months, the Income will be plentiful Tips three: fast and slow orderly buying and selling of different currencies have different * work rules sensitive currency profit space, but also easy to fall quickly, the wind will blow the sky will change, so * work should buy fast sell, not easy to stay in danger for a long time, the most obvious currency is the yen and some non-sensitive currency, like the euro, the dollar, the Australian dollar these currencies, no earth-shattering conditions easily impossible to exceed 250 points of fluctuation, beyond then there is a rebound, at home to buy an application software to draw a chart, buying and selling decisions at a glance  mind four: monthly holidays so-called holidays, probably speculators can take a week off each month, waiting for the new month of the monthly revelation in accordance with the rules, every new month from Monday to Friday, countries, especially Europe or the United States will be open to many important macro data and news. So there will be fluctuations in the currency market, gnawing through these news for small speculators can be called the revelation of God also previously, but do not be careful not to rashly enter the market, or lose the wife also have no choice Mind five: stock market linkage a dress can not be worn by two people, speculators in the hands of the money so some, a throw into the stock market pallets, naturally need to draw funds from the currency market, the capital jacket, the currency market will inevitably fall back to the disaster so we just need to Familiar with the foreign exchange investment tendencies of the people of various countries, and can make a steady profit Mind six: gnawing books to win the domestic stock market is not as spiritual as gambling, but the exchange market is regulated because the exchange market is related to the livelihood of a country, the interests of all countries, so to identify the situation to grasp the big picture, * plate must gnaw more financial, economic, world trade and international relations related books, not hesitate to change into a bookworm, so as to gallop into the sand without fail  The seventh: solo my song speculation in order to seek money can gather wealth, earn more, but do not borrow money to speculate on foreign exchange, otherwise the body of the free can easily be set, solo my song is definitely a small speculators faithful precept 

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