Share my approach to forex trading trading starts with watching the waves!

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Many people start trad Eastforexcashbackg from the trend indicators, I am also but from personal experience, it forexcashbackcalculator wrong to start from the trend, will form not to think about the market, will only wait - deadlocked should start from watching the East forex cashback, learn to watch the wave, will form the habit of observing the market, thinking about the market wave consists of three points, two lows (highs) cashbackforexbtc a high (lows) 5 minutes 5 minutes zoom in the chart is the basic look at the wave method, the chart has 2 small interval waves and 1 large interval point confirmation is the only low (high) value nearby the following is the same wave in different time intervals of the form 15 minutes 30 minutes 60 minutes with the definition, it will cashback forex found in a cycle can be found in multiple waves and multiple waves that how to use these waves? From other charts it can be found that most waves can only be seen in this cycle and nearby cycles, and disappear when they reach a larger cycle Then, it is possible to define the wave that can be seen in the largest cycle as the wave of that cycle For example, a wave that can only be seen in 5 minutes is a 5-minute wave, one that can be seen in 5 minutes and 15 minutes is a 15-minute one, one that can be seen in 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes is a 30 With this concept, then look at the 5 minutes of the various waves, it will be clear that the waves affected by the cycle wave high and low point is the pressure and support of the cycle with the wave of the time cycle, this concept, and then look at the trend up more convenient large-cycle waves are composed of small-cycle waves small-cycle waves can not break through the large-cycle waves will form oscillations, the same breakthrough will continue the market, reverse breakthrough Generally, the greater the period of the breakthrough, the greater the formation of the market, but sometimes several cycles of the wave is more concentrated or artificial traps, the formation of a breakthrough failed market, which can not be solved by looking at the wave, can only use other methods to determine such as the above chart, a wave can basically be seen as a wave composed of two (blue and red or yellow and green) a breakthrough in front of the wave and a confirmation of the breakthrough to attack the next The position of the wave consists of these two waves are very critical points, the future pressure and support will be formed in the vicinity of the formation of the market flip, will inevitably form a wave to explore the previous high and break the previous low, the wave and a wave in front of the same cycle to form the market flip area (red and yellow) can the market flip continue, depending on what stage the wave in the large cycle in the end, it will continue in the beginning, it will flip again In the middle of the stage, you must look at the larger cycle of the wave and the market stage division, with the wave is more troublesome, using the average line to divide the market is more convenient wave height is determined by the large cycle wave space and the wave itself running time together when the large cycle of the wave space is small or the main timing of the transaction has not yet arrived wave height is relatively low, and vice versa is relatively high learn to see the wave, it is good to understand, up when a wave than a wave high, down when a wave than a wave low A wave is lower wave can be drawn (tip up), can also be drawn (tip down), as long as it better reflect the direction, pressure and support individuals generally up is the positive drawing wave, down when the reverse drawing wave from the wave to understand the transaction, is to establish and understand the direction of the transaction, pressure support, range, state, stage understanding of these parameters, there is no need to guess the market Supplementary: why the wave will have these parameters? Because the market is formed by bullish and bearish transactions on the field with the follow-up forces waiting for the right time off the field in the field of trading to form a small cycle of direction, pressure support, range, while the action of the follow-up forces off the field to form a large cycle of direction, state, stage off the field of the follow-up forces often in the full period of the breakout, thus driving the development of the market

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