Short-term operation of the true meaning of

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martial arts novels often mentioned and, the highest swordsmanship swordsman East forex cashback [no sword cashbackforexbtc the hand, the heart has a sword] and then reach [no sword in the hand, the heart also no sword] the highest state of un cashback forexy of heaven and man here borrowed from the technical realm of foreign exchange trading, is also the same reasoning skilled foreign exchange short term expert, no pricing no subjective trend in the heart, will not predict where the forexcashbackcalculator is going, he will only tell you: if now is up you buy if now is down you sell. Is now up you buy If now is down you sell Up to up not up, the market will naturally turn back down Down to down not down, the market will naturally bounce back up Wall Street there is this famous story: I ( Eastforexcashbacks) know an extremely outstanding professional operator, we may call him Rob Rob often big money in and out of the market at the time this friend is still a novice, in Chicago when the operation began, good luck, there This friend is the so-called "upstairs" (UPSTAIRS) operator (in the brokerage or self-dealer company to complete the operation, do not need to use to the exchange), operating in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CHICAGOBOARDOFTRADE) next to a building in the office One morning, this friend entered the office very early, found Rob was by himself in it at the time our friend was operating the S&P500, it was natural for the friend to ask him casually, what is his view of the days trend his answer was a big surprise I do not know, Rob said Thats because you do not want to tell me, Luo & lsquo;, the friend said No, Rob said: I told you the truth I have no idea how the market will move At that point the friend couldnt help but get scared and look at him with a vacant look because the friend had no idea what he was talking about Rob, youre obviously one of the best operators here you really have no idea what the market is going to do today?  No lie then ..... So ...... How do you do it?  Im telling you, you wont believe it, Rob said: you really wont believe it Maybe youre right, though, why not try?  Rob looked at me, okay!  He said: Lets say if the market goes up, Ill buy some if it goes up more, Ill buy more if it goes up again, Ill buy some more if the market goes down, Ill sell some if it goes down more, Ill sell some more if it goes down again, Ill sell some more Does that sound stupid? Ridiculous? Oversimplified? What Rob told my friend that morning was the key to operational success, and what I have seen in every other successful operator since then is, to put it bluntly, that they never, ever let any opinion about the market get in the way of their own operations.

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