Short-term speculation in foreign exchange four essentials

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Short-term operation cashbackforexbtc the game of the masters, psychological quality and sound, familiar with the ma forexcashbackcalculator manipulation more important point, to have time to always pay attention to the main move short term speculation in foreign East forex cashback key in the hot spots, the formation of hot spots must have a keen insight short term speculation in foreign exchange four essentials are: a, the cashback forex of exchange proverb Daily volume for the price guide, the volume is the price of the forerunner, the rise in the exchange price, there must Eastforexcashback volume with the volume of amplification, which means the increase in the rate of change, the average cost of positions, the upper-file selling pressure is therefore reduced, the exchange price will continue to rise sometimes, in the case of the main force chips lock good, the exchange price may also shrink upward, but the shrinkage upward situation will not last too long, otherwise the average cost of positions can not improve, the selling pressure Therefore, short-term operations must be selected with the amount of foreign exchange, the bottom of the volume of foreign exchange should be particularly concerned about Second, graphics Short-term operations, in addition to the volume should pay great attention to the changes in graphics should also pay attention to several graphics worthy of high attention: W bottom, head and shoulders bottom, arc bottom, platform, rising channel, etc. W bottom, head and shoulders bottom, arc bottom volume breakthrough neckline level, should be a buy Two points must be highly noted: First, the volume breakthrough must be effective breakthrough without volume with the breakthrough is a false breakthrough, the exchange rate tends to quickly return to the start level Second, the breakthrough at low prices is more reliable, high volume breakthrough is likely to be the main force to create a long trap, to lure retail investors to follow, so as to achieve the purpose of shipping Many times, the breakthrough neckline level, there is often a pullback to confirm, this time can also be used as Build a good opportunity; exchange rate platform finishing, the volatility is getting smaller and smaller, especially at low levels even a few crosses or a few small positive, the exchange rate will often choose to break upward; take the rising channel of foreign exchange, you can buy when the exchange rate touches the lower rail, especially the lower rail is the ten-day, thirty-day average, when the exchange rate touches the upper rail to sell In addition, the flag finishing, box finishing two important graphics, the operating know-how and W bottom is basically the same  Third, the technical indicators of the foreign exchange market countless technical indicators, at least a thousand or more, they have their own focus, it is impossible to cover everything, only need to be familiar with a few of them can be commonly used technical indicators such as KDJ, RSI, etc. In general, the K value in the low (about 20%) 2 times through the D value, is a better time to buy; in the high (80% or more) 2 times through the D value, the formation of a dead cross, is Better time to sell RSI indicators in 0-20, foreign exchange is oversold, can open positions; in 80-100 is overbought, can close positions It is worth pointing out that the biggest shortcoming of technical indicators is the lag, using it as the only reference standard will often bring a large error many strong stocks, the indicator high blunt, but the exchange rate still continues to soar; many weak stocks, the indicator has been at a low level, but the exchange rate is still negative more than and The main force using technical indicators, often into the goods when the indicators do a mess, when shipping indicators nearly perfect, the use of indicators for cheating money is almost a common market-making techniques of the main force, therefore, in the application of technical indicators, must be integrated with all aspects of the situation, especially the volume of the relationship between price and in-depth analysis Four, the average short-term operations generally refer to the 5 day, 10 day, 30 day three averages 5 day average up through the 10 day, 30 day SMA, 10-day SMA through the 30-day SMA, called a golden cross, is the time to buy; the opposite is called a dead fork, is the time to sell three SMAs are arranged upward called long alignment, is the performance of strong currency, the exchange rate drawdown retracement 5, 10, 30-day SMA is the time to buy (note, must be a drawdown drawback) which should be in the drawback when buying, should depend on the currency pair and the general market trend; The three averages are arranged downward called short alignment, is a weak performance should not intervene Keep in mind the two disciplines are: 1, short term operation, the exchange price surge, short term experts should not only learn to take profits, should also learn the same important thing: cut meat have the courage to participate in short-term operations, we must have the courage to admit defeat to stay in the green hills, not afraid of no firewood when the error in judgment, bought a falling foreign exchange, should be sold decisively to prevent deep set Loss of the sang-fu, the harvest of the EAST, as long as good summary of the reasons for the error in judgment, is also considered a compensation for the cut 2, short-term speculation in foreign exchange, must be fast in and out, and to set a good stop-loss level, the specific set value depends on individual circumstances, can be 5%, can also be 10%, the exchange rate fell below the stop-loss level, must be sold decisively, do not hold illusions, even if the exchange rate and the possibility of rising, should also avoid the risk of exit, in strict accordance with Stop-loss level operation

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