Short-term speculation in foreign exchange several principles

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A, the Eastforexcashback of initiative with their own initiative in cashbackforexbtc out, the r East forex cashbackk of futures trading (win or forexcashbackcalculator) control under their own noses to achieve a futures win or loss by their own words!  Second, the principle of microdivergence to win, loss and time to hold positions are microdivergence (especially losses), are controlled in the spread of a few dollars within the longest position time, on a few minutes; the shortest, on 2 - 3 seconds decisive entry and exit, never for any reason long delay in holding the loss of a single For example, the price of wheat rose from 1730 to 1731, only a jump of 1 price, more than the trading commission of wheat, you Third, the principle of independence of this transaction, it is only this one, whether it is a loss or a win, are irrelevant to the next transaction you can cashback forex because of the last transaction profit and loss or in and out of the price of high and low, and affect the next transaction decisive in and out Fourth, the principle of objectivity to do the day of the short term, the most intolerable is: the mind beforehand subjectively identified the day the market is up (or down) subjective The short term speculators can not have the wrong thinking, this is the correct approach is: regardless of how the fundamentals, how the news, the main force is how, the price is too high is too low, hold a single is a win is a loss, technical indicators, whether the deviation, etc., these are to ignore! You can only single-mindedly and objectively follow the plate at the time (the immediate) price fluctuations to make a single Five, win-loss principle win-loss equivalent means that, because we are micro-segmentation trading, so we make and lose the amount of each transaction will be roughly equal to the reason we can make money, is to rely on the probability of winning assuming that each of our money and each of the money lost is as much, and we traded a total of 100 times that day 100 times, of which 70 times is to earn, 30 times is to lose, then our day is to earn every day only to count the total account of profit and loss of course you better be able to fight to control the number of losses of each transaction within the number of wins of the last transaction is better in other words, if you made 20 yuan on the last transaction, then the maximum loss of your transaction can only be 20 yuan, not yet lost to 20 Sixth, stop trading principle may also you come up today on the trading is very bad, always loss, a few in a row are loss then when you lose to a certain number, a to this number, you will be determined to close the position shutdown away, immediately stop any trading today this principle can help you absolutely will not appear in a day of continuous big loss Seventh, the loss is not to increase the position not to increase the amount of principle many people in holding When the loss of a single, not to take the immediate initiative to exit the principle, but with the funds to carry, and also continue to increase the size of this is the most stupid approach! Finally, the big loss or a large position is mostly these people!  Eight, the single amount of relatively stable principle no matter how large your capital, only do a fixed number of lots do not trade smooth hands on the situation is good to do more than a few hands, look at the situation is poor to do a few hands Nine, do not hold positions overnight principle no matter when, what the situation, and whether or not profit or loss, every day before the close, you have to close all positions, regardless of profit or loss, tomorrow so that you can put the futures overnight big risk all You can avoid all the overnight risks of futures! You can easily take the initiative to win or lose in your own hands. Ten, the first time principle only in the price of the first time to turn into the market did not step on the right beat, after the first time not to chase the opportunity to patiently wait for the second turning point

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