Some of the potential risks of speculation in foreign exchange

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   1, network East forex cashback r cashback forexk Although most brokers have a backup telephone trad Eastforexcashbackg system, but forexcashbackcalculator cashbackforexbtc margin trading is mainly through the Internet for trading due to the characteristics of the Internet itself, so there may be unable to connect to the broker trading system phenomenon, in this case, the customer may not be able to place orders, or unable to To the loss of existing positions, which will lead to unpredictable losses appear broker is exempt from liability, even the brokers trading system to appear when they will not be held responsible for the same, the domestic banks live trading for such risks are also exempt, which is clearly written in the terms of the trading account book 2, market risk foreign exchange market 24-hour operation and no limit on the ups and downs, when the volatility is intense Within a day it is possible to go through the usual months to reach the range of movement of foreign exchange movements by a number of factors, no one can exactly determine the movement of the exchange rate in holding positions, any unexpected exchange rate fluctuations may lead to large losses or even complete loss of funds 3, high leverage risk each investment contains risk, but because of foreign exchange margin trading using a high capital lever mode, magnifying the The amount of loss especially in the case of using high leverage, even if there is a very small change contrary to your position, will bring huge losses, including even all the opening funds so, for this speculative foreign exchange trading funds must be risky funds; that is, these funds even if all the losses will not have a significant impact on your life and finances 4, capital security forex trading in the most important The most important issue is the safety of funds NFA in the official promotional materials for OTC foreign exchange trading retail customers clearly pointed out: OTC foreign exchange trading without the guarantee of the clearing agency, the customer for the purchase and sale of foreign exchange and contract deposits are not protected by any regulatory body, and in the event of bankruptcy is not given priority; even if the customers funds deposited by the broker in a bank account with FDIC insurance, in the event of the brokers bankruptcy Even if RCM is registered and regulated by the NFA and CFTC like RefcoFX, the funds of domestic clients are not protected, and they are not even considered clients. Foreign exchange spot is neither a stock nor a commodity, so foreign exchange spot customers are neither stock customers nor commodity customers precisely because of the lack of legal status, so that the domestic foreign exchange investors in RCM account can not enjoy the treatment of customers in bankruptcy liquidation, only unsecured creditors to enter the bankruptcy liquidation procedures, which will probably lead to the loss of capital In addition, as mentioned earlier, both domestic live Foreign exchange trading, or foreign foreign exchange margin trading, in some specific time (such as the United States when the release of major data, or market price fluctuations) can not connect to the brokers trading system to trade on the phenomenon is more common, speculators in foreign exchange should be fully aware of such risks

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