Speculation in foreign exchange how to distinguish between the rise and fall of the exchange rate

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a lot of foreign cashbackforexbtc trading contact less friends in the encounter of foreign exchange offers, often difficult to distinguish between the rise and fall of the exchange rate, for example, the East forex cashback to yen exchange rate from 130 to 134, can understand that this is called the dollar rose or yen fell, but encountered the euro against the dollar exchange rate from 0.90 to 0.88 but do not understand why the value from large to small, but we put this In fact, this is due to the international foreign exchange market of the two marking cashback forexs (i.e., direct marking method and indirect marking method) caused by the direct marking method refers to a certain amount of a particular foreign currency as the standard, converted into a relative number of other currencies marking method direct marking method in the number of specific foreign currencies remain unchanged, while other currencies change accordingly such as: 1 forexcashbackcalculator. Eastforexcashback. dollar = 1.5960 Canadian dollars to 1.5960 Canadian dollars. 1.5960 Canadian dollars to 1 U.S. dollars = 1.6050 Canadian dollars, because the number of U.S. dollars as a specific currency remains unchanged, the number of Canadian dollars increased, it means that the U.S. dollar appreciated and the Canadian dollar currency depreciated when the U.S. dollar to Canadian dollar exchange rate to 1 U.S. dollars = 1.58 Canadian dollars, it means that the U.S. dollar depreciated and the Canadian dollar appreciated Chinas foreign exchange rate is the use of the direct marking method indirect marking method refers to a certain number of other The indirect valuation method refers to the method of converting a certain amount of other currencies into a relative amount of a specific foreign currency. When the exchange rate of the pound against the U.S. dollar becomes 1 pound = 1.4450 U.S. dollars, it means that the dollar appreciates and the pound depreciates in the application of the direct and indirect markup method is not essentially different, only the opposite form of markup, the value of the reciprocal reciprocal due to the use of customary and other reasons, the international foreign exchange market against the U.S. dollar exchange rate using the indirect markup method are mainly the pound, the euro, the Australian dollar and the New Zealand dollar, etc., most other The exchange rate of most other currencies against the U.S. dollar are using the direct method

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