Speculation in foreign exchange position management of the three skills

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cashbackforexbtc the process of speculation in foreign exchange, foreign exchange transactions and capital forexcashbackcalculator and r East forex cashbackk control methods are many, such as stop gain, stop loss, position control and so on which the most important foreign exchange risk management method is position management in foreign exchange trading technology is very important, position management is a double-edged sword, good control, can make us comfortable in foreign exchange trading, into the attack can be defended back control Not good, will probably make us suffer huge losses the following 3 common speculative foreign exchange position management methods: the first: a large position at the beginning of the entry, if the opposite of the cashback forex, do not add positions, if the direction is the same, you can gradually add positions, but the proportion of positions gradually reduced this is spot silver often use the pyramid-shaped position management method advantages: go with the Eastforexcashback, the clearer the trend, the higher the winning rate The higher the position used at the same time, the higher the profit will be, and there is a certain degree of security for the capital Disadvantages: In the oscillating market, it is more difficult to obtain profits, the initial position is large, so the requirements for the first entry is relatively high Second: the initial entry position is small, if the market is running in the opposite direction, gradually increase the position to level out the cost, the proportion of positions increasing This method is spot Silver inside the often used funnel-shaped position management method advantages: the initial risk is relatively small, in the case of not bursting the position, the higher the funnel, the more substantial the profit disadvantages: this method, generally on the premise of the general trend to judge the future trend consistent, buy in the general trend retracement in this position management, once the more the reverse trend, the larger the position, while bearing the risk will be higher, if the market trend after As previously predicted, it will have a small profit, if the market forms a unilateral opposite trend, it will lead to a burst position third: the amount of money entered at the beginning, accounting for a fixed percentage of the total funds, if the market develops in the opposite direction, gradually increase positions, leveling costs, increase positions also follow this fixed ratio, this method is often used inside the spot silver rectangular position management method advantages. Each additional position is a fixed position, the cost of the position is gradually raised, the average sharing of risk, averaging management in the position can be controlled, the future direction of the market and the judgment of the same situation, will obtain a lucrative income disadvantages: the initial stage, the cost is relatively fast rise, the more the reverse trend, the larger the position, if the formation of a unilateral, that is, the chances of bursting the position ability to improve is a long-term process, the majority of Traders should continue to learn, summarize, so that they can continue to improve themselves, in order to be able to long-term profit in the foreign exchange market down

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