Speculation in foreign exchange the most simple and useful crocodile law

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cashback cashback forexexbtcvestment, speculation does forexcashbackcalculator mean gambling cast means to seize, grasp, appropriate use, looking for; machine refers to the opportunity, timing, the nature of things law a poker master almost gambling for a living, he told me the secret of successful survival: the first, if you hope to win, you must understand the basic rules of playing poker; the second, when bad luck, only lose to the betting money brought I think his operating principles are also suitable for the foreign exchange East forex cashback where the second is the scope of this discussion: defining the minimum limit for losing money at the gambling table or the stop- Eastforexcashback level for trading in the foreign exchange market The worlds greatest traders have a useful and simple trading rule - the crocodile principle All successful traders are trained repeatedly to understand this principle before entering the market The Suppose a crocodile bites your foot, it bites your foot and waits for you to struggle. If you try to free your foot with your arm, its mouth bites your foot and arm at the same time. In the language of the market, this principle is: when you know youve made a mistake, get out of the market immediately! No more excuses, reasons or expectations, get out of the market!  In fact, whether it is the stock market, the foreign exchange market, gold trading, its trading skills are similar to the important significance of the stop loss only a few people can thoroughly understand, so a few people can make money in the foreign exchange market stop loss is like a sharp knife, it makes you bloody, but it can also make you live without injury; it can not expand your losses, so that you turn passivity into initiative, and constantly looking for new hot spots in the foreign exchange market to survive, sometimes Need patience, sometimes need confidence, but patience, confidence does not mean fluke, do not know how to stop loss investors, lost in fluke fluke is the natural enemy of stop loss, stop loss is the basic art of speculation We must deeply understand this principle, otherwise it will bring a painful lesson I have a customer told me about his a painful lesson in the early days of the foreign exchange market, he used in the stock trading method in the rubber market to achieve After a good gain in the market adjustment phase, he established a very small sell position in rubber soon after the price began to rise, reaching the stop-loss level However, he did not only accept the loss of 100,000 yuan, but to continue to establish a larger sell position at a higher price But, the price continued to rise how? He relied on the news of the reduction in the price of raw materials, and established a small position as a result, the news that natural rubber production will be reduced! Every step he took to save the situation further deteriorated the market this crocodile finally satiated his 100,000 yuan loss expanded to 800,000 yuan, simply because he did not comply with a basic principle The above talked so much about stop loss, all based on speculative operations, only for the stage of speculative operations real investment in the operational phase does not need stop loss The reason for talking so much Stop-loss problem, not to encourage people to actively speculate, but for the reality of the foreign exchange market, do not believe, you can just investigate any investor, fund managers, whether they really invest in the foreign exchange market? Can the percentage of investment exceed 10%? The answer is obvious!  Investment also has a stop-loss, but more often called stop-loss investment is different from the speculative stop-loss, speculative stop-loss only relative to price changes, investment stop-loss relative to changes in fundamentals investors claim that real investment never need stop-loss is not true because, including Warren Buffett such a big investor also stop-loss, where stop-loss? Stop loss when the invested company loses its growth and the fundamentals deteriorate!

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