Speculation in foreign exchange to avoid greed

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As the say Eastforexcashbackg goes, the human heart cashbackforexbtc forexcashbackcalculator enough, the snake swallowed the elephant, today I will cashback forex foreign exchange when the greed to talk about my experience in my learning foreign exchange, from the beginning of underst East forex cashbacking foreign exchange, learning, doing simulation, and doing the real plate, my greed always can not be satisfied, in fact, we all have greed, and even greed, but how to control these psychological problems? For example, I now do the real plate has been a period of time also in my greed ate a lot of losses began to earn on dozens of points always still idle earn enough also want to hundreds of points to place a single success, always regret why not under heavy single and so on some psychological problems lead to do a second transaction, it is easy to appear fluke psychology so that if good luck, earn, think they have how great so heart more and more big, the number of orders more and more. The number of orders is getting bigger and bigger, the number of lots is getting bigger and bigger, to finally do a loss single, it is a big injury, and even the principal is lost, in front of several days of hard work also went down the drain, only with too bad luck to comfort themselves, and make themselves dizzy, psychological pressure, at this time, think, I am not so greedy, but speculators and can not really do, theoretically can be done again back, but we are doing the plate, we greedy desire and quietly came to the side, so that their accounts also slowly do bounce plate, this time, but also their confidence all hit, also thinking that they are not suitable to do this? After thinking about it for a long time or did not think of anything, no real account to do, had to go back to do the simulation of the over the hidden hey, not bad, in the simulation of the disk found a feeling to do this is still very simple, and then calm down to think carefully, in the summary, found their own mentality out of a big problem, and then injected funds into the account How high is the sky? How thick is the ground? You can break through the sky? You can cut through the ground? Foreign exchange is a no top and no bottom, do the plate has its own psychological stop loss and profit, at this time, and then do the real plate feel different from the last time more careful, greedy desire is also greatly reduced a lot, every time you do a transaction on the summary of a, so the mentality is also good up, in fact, the main thing is that peoples greed is not always can not be controlled how to control greed, I now think, as long as there is a good entry point in not losing money in the market. The entry point in the case of no loss, or you can continue to hold positions to meet the following their greed, so also called technology hey they say luck, but now I think, foreign exchange is originally speculative luck is also a sign of strength

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