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St cashbackforexbtcard East forex cashback(StandardGold)What cashback forex forexcashbackcalculator gold Standard gold is the abbreviation of the standard bar gold, is the gold market for the field of buy Eastforexcashbackg and selling transaction behavior standardization, valuation settlement internationalization, clearing settlement standardization for the requirements into the trading standards it is according to the prescribed shape, specifications, color, weight and other elements of refining and processing into the bar gold standard gold specifications The international gold market on the spot trading varieties mainly Is the standard gold, more specifications, more common are 400 troy ounces of standard gold, l kilograms of standard gold, 111 grams of standard gold, 375 grams of standard gold, 5 Sima two standard gold, 1 troy ounces of standard gold, 1 gram of standard gold and so on The standard gold on the market of each country also has different color, such as the liberation of the Shanghai gold exchange trading standard gold has two specifications, 1 canal flat two is called small bar standard gold, color 99%; 10 canal flat two for Big gold, color 95% are long, engraved with gold number name, melting year, weight and standard gold, etc. In our country folk custom will also be standard gold called "big yellow fish" and "small yellow fish" because of the small gold processing, packaging than big gold, the same Standard weight of gold, small gold casting costs than large gold, of course, its color is also higher than large gold, such as the standard 400 troy ounces of gold, its color is 99.5%, and the standard 1 troy ounces of gold can be 99.9%, so the price of small gold is generally more expensive than large gold The following is 1979 in the international gold market gold recasting (large gold casting into small gold) The cost of the standard: 100 ounces of gold: 50 U.S. dollars per bar, about 0.50 U.S. dollars per ounce; 1000 grams of gold: 8 U.S. dollars per bar, about 0.008 U.S. dollars per gram; 10 ounces of gold: 15 U.S. dollars per bar, about 1.5 U.S. dollars per ounce; 2 ounces of gold: 7 U.S. dollars per bar, about 3.5 U.S. dollars per ounce; 1 ounce of gold: 5 U.S. dollars per bar, about 5 U.S. dollars per ounce price of standard gold 1. The market price market price is the gold exchange members in the gold exchange floor trading transaction price 2. out-of-the-money costs gold trading and securities trading have similarities, that is, the floor agents or brokers in the floor after the transaction, in addition to the transaction price to pay their own gold price, but also to the exchange to pay a certain percentage of out-of-the-money costs and taxes out-of-the-money costs are mainly the following: First, the buyer to the seller Nowadays, most of the standard gold in the general gold retail market is sealed and packed in transparent plastic bags, and then the refiners or commercial banks add the seal and issue the gold certificate, the buyers only need to check whether the seal is intact and get the certificate when they buy, and they dont need to identify the color and the gold. No need to identify the color and weight after buying should be carefully stored to keep the gold certificate, and to prevent the seal and the outer packaging of the breakage, so that when investors sell gold, with the certificate commercial banks generally do not need to unpack to check the color and weight of the original packaging, such as the banks confirmation, can be free of its gold appraisal fees marked gold trading price way Due to the different places of gold trading, its price way will also be different  The price of gold exchange is only a quotation or transaction price of the on-course trading, excluding the out-of-price fees, as for the out-of-price fees, they are generally not publicly indicated, but are calculated separately when clearing and settling, i.e. a transaction is priced twice. Therefore, the buying price or selling price announced by gold dealers or commercial banks is essentially the cost of the commercial banks to purchase the underlying gold in the market (the transaction price in the exchange plus the secondary settlement fees) plus the out-of-the-money fees and charges to be charged after the transaction with the customer. The main objects of participating in the trading of bid gold The objects of participating in the buying and selling of bid gold can be divided into two kinds of objects, namely, on-the-market and off-the-market The on-the-market objects are mainly gold production enterprises, gold brokers, gold agents, commercial banks and gold jewelry enterprises The off-the-market objects are mainly some small and medium-sized production enterprises and individual investors In the domestic gold market after opening, it should be very convenient to buy bid gold Individual investors who want to buy and sell standard gold can go to the commercial banks business counter to buy believe that with the gradual maturity of Chinas gold market and the opening of the Shanghai Gold Exchange, personal gold trading will become a daily investment behavior of the general public in China to buy gold coins and gold bars in banks, to buy jewelry ornamental gold in Jinbao Silver House will become a common behavior