Stop loss of ultra-short term in foreign exchange trading

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  Super-short forexcashbackcalculator trad cashbackforexbtcg due to the small trading cycle, objectively caused by frequent transacti cashback forexs, if the time guarantee, have excellent short term operating principles, can do; if the time can not guarantee, short term technology Eastforexcashback strategy East forex cashback poor, will have the possibility of impairment of their own funds so the result of chasing up and down is the shrinkage of funds ultra-short term disk in and out of the principle of: rather Have a stop loss on the plate, but also can not lose the opportunity of the market so, the opportunity is put in the first place this is the determination to admit mistakes, to have the courage to focus on the war of annihilation we are in the foreign exchange margin will set the stop-loss position as well as the launch of the market plan, the former is developed on the basis of the analysis formed before the transaction, the latter is given with the change of the trend figuratively we come to specific Look at their necessity and the way of operation super-short term operation is the most important thing is to set the foreign exchange margin stop-loss point, to bear in mind that the short term is speculation, speculation once the failure to have the courage to stop loss out, this is the iron discipline stop-loss point set up a number of ways, but the general principle is in accordance with the objective market to give the specific implementation of the way to do super-short term more to set up the target level, in principle, three points or five points a profit, with 3% or 5% of the profit on the exit, the accumulation of less can become more well! If the foreign exchange margin red k line in your eyes into an infinite extension of gold, this is precisely when you most need to get out of this paragraph means to tell investors that greed is one of the most dangerous time bombs buried in the foreign exchange market, this point of customer service method is to tell us that we benefit from the long flow of water is the most sensible to always remind themselves not to enter the circle of blind trading to expand their positions Foreign exchange margin to learn to analyze and operate sensibly, no risk conscious investors are always difficult to achieve success to have a scale in their hearts, always measure their investment ideas and behavior is not objective and reasonable foreign exchange margin super short term operation method I do not feel very good about super short term, because I think the shorter the time to hold a single, the higher the gambling component on the data market, the data itself on the The impact of data on the market is uncertain, not to mention your judgment of the data is even more random but considering that newcomers are basically doing short term, so I decided to take my experience when I first started doing short term to share this method has two requirements: First, the platform spread to small, up to 5 points; second, the response should be fast, personal psychological quality to good foreign exchange market fluctuations in a day there are several times Noteworthy: 12:00-13:00 Beijing time; 17:00-18:00; 20:30-11:30 pm in addition to 14:00 pm and 19:00 pm sometimes there will be larger fluctuations remember these times, generally 12:00-13:00 is the first day of intense fluctuations, is also the time to refresh the days new high or low this time need Certain experience, observe a few more times on the look at the exchange rate close to the days high or low point to pay attention to, immediately to rush high or break low, this time to buy or sell, the action should be fast, see the right do not hesitate, there will generally be 10 - 20 points of fluctuations, the big time there will be 50 points, after reaching the profit target immediately out, and can not hesitate, such as you want to earn 10 points, earned on Run, dont think about anything in addition to hold single time is best not to exceed 10 minutes, if you go in more than 5 minutes is not in the direction you expect, please immediately close the position stop loss also depends on the feeling and experience, we more in these time periods to observe his impulse high and impulse low process, accumulate experience, more practice on the ultra-short term hand, may use the four-hour chart to do the big trend, half hour, fifteen minutes or one minute chart to operate

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