Success in forex trading comes from within

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To be successful in fo cashback forexex East forex cashback, traders need to have the ability to make dec forexcashbackcalculatorions Eastforexcashback are not influenced by emotions so that they can contribute to a successful trading mindset so here we need to underst cashbackforexbtc the biological similarities that will allow us to make fewer mistakes when trading but also with proper training and some information that will allow us to overcome these difficulties we will not We do not ignore the importance of the psychological difficulties inherent in forex trading, but it is true that each of us also has a brain that can succeed The Battle of the Brain / In the process of human evolution, the frontal part is the latest to arise and is therefore also the part of the brain responsible for complex rational and planning abilities In modern life, some parts of the brain and ancient times are common, used to be good, but when applied to The process is that when your body is ready to act, your adrenal hormones increase and your brain is not able to think routinely when we become rich in trading, it exceeds the part of our frontal lobe that is capable of cognition and reasoning. Why would you put it in the water As forex traders, we need to understand these basic concepts of how the brain works because once you get into the stage of feverishly trading with emotion, you could lose most of your money Trading to be successful learn to control your emotions/ Many people know this but no one ever talks about how to do it specifically different situations require different approaches Because trading involves your real money, you do not want to allow yourself to be affected by this normal flow of the market until the trade is finally over. This is why you need to plan your trades thoroughly before you enter them. Accuracy depends directly on your ability to remain objective when making forex trading decisions, dont wait hours before unfolding the inverse correlation between market watch time and trading success Simple trading vs. complex trading / Many forex traders try to use complex trading systems to compensate for their large losses by linking some lagging indicators or trading software to their trading charts But the most important thing, as forex traders, is to keep both simple and complex trades as sizable as possible without causing a surge in our adrenaline hormones. The best way to maintain this simplicity and clarity when trading is to choose a price action strategy that allows us to remain objective and calm to the greatest extent possible when we trade with simple price action setups to make profits. This approach does not increase the likelihood that you will get caught up in emotional trading and make bad decisions, and at the same time, you can forget about the trade and try not to interfere;

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