The characteristics of the moving average

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in the process of foreign exchange trading, cashbackforexbtc East forex cashback is a foreign exchange investors to analyze the Eastforexcashback of an analysis tool can not be used to use technical analysis to accurately predict the trend of the exchange rate, it is necessary to underst cashback forex the moving average then the following I will simply give new friends a brief introduction to the characteristics of the moving average it! Before understanding the characteristics of moving averages, first of all, to understand the theory of moving averages moving averages (MA) is based on the Dow Jones average cost concept as a theoretical basis, using the principle of moving averages in statistics, the average of stock prices over a period of time even into a curve, used to show the historical fluctuations in stock prices, and then reflect the future development trend of the stock index technical analysis method it is the Dow Theory The moving averages are 5, 10, 30, 60, 120 and 240 days, of which the 5-day and 10-day short-term moving averages are short-term reference indicators, called daily averages; 30 and 60 days are medium-term averages, called quarterly averages; 120 and 240 days are long-term averages, called annual averages. The examination of the moving average is generally carried out from several aspects Next we look at the four characteristics of the moving average: 1, trend: guide the current price trend moving average can indicate the direction of the exchange rate trend, so it has the nature of the trend 2, lagging: in the original trend of stock prices reversed, due to the characteristics of the MA tracking trend, the MA action is often too slow to turn around the speed behind the general trend This is a great weakness of the MA and MA reversal signal, the depth of the stock price turnaround has been great 3, repulsive: can play a role in making and resistance of the exchange rate from the average forexcashbackcalculator under the upward breakthrough, the average line also began to move to the upper right, can be seen as a long support line, the exchange rate back down to the average line near the natural support force, the short-term average line upward moving faster, the medium and long-term average line Back up to move slower, but all indicate that the average cost increase during a certain period, the sellers strength if slightly stronger than the buyer, the exchange rate back down to the average line near, is the time to buy, which is the average line of booster effect, until the exchange rate rises slowly or back down, the average line began to decelerate movement, the exchange rate back to the average line near, the average line lost booster effect, there will be a return to the average line below the trend, it is best not to buy 4. Stability: trend a single formation is difficult to reverse, reversal takes time moving average unlike the daily line will be up and down shock soup but up and down quite smooth up usually slowly up, down usually slowly down

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