The essence of foreign exchange trading give up volatility in order to chase the trend

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Everyone knows that the East forex cashback cashbackforexbtc very important, everyone wants to chase forexcashbackcalculator grasp the trend, but Eastforexcashback the reality of trading, really can find the trend and use the trend to profit few investors, whether in the bear trend or bull trend, the cashback forex losers are still as many as in other states, in the case of unknown trends, we look forward to the arrival of the trend, but the trend really When the trend is formed, we still have nothing to gain, the trend looks important to us on the surface, but it is difficult to use the specific transaction, and the trend seems to be worthless in the specific transaction, which is why? How should we understand and use trends? Textbooks tell us the trend concept is too simple, as simple as someone telling you to go to the South Pole should go south, just such a general concept we can not really understand and grasp the trend in the process of running the trend, we will encounter many obstacles, this obstacle will make you unable to determine whether the trend will continue, this is because investors ignore the trend is composed of volatility of this feature The directional nature of the trend often masks the disorderly nature of the volatility, while for the investor, the volatility of the price is more likely to attract his attention. When this happens, you hold a position in the same direction as the trend is difficult to continue to retain and will close the position out of the market. Continue to run, at this time, you can only lament the great market and inscrutable to see the right and wrong complex feelings make you difficult to accept, and then regain hope in the next trend, so that from deep inside to give up the opportunity of this trend trend is composed of fluctuations, to be precise, the orderly trend is composed of disorderly fluctuations look back, the trend is quite perfect, this way to go back to re-understand the trend is bound to will make you ignore the importance of the random fluctuations that make up the trend, yet it is this disorderly fluctuations make you look right and do wrong to understand the trend, the first thing you need to know is that the trend is composed of fluctuations If you really want to chase the trend, you must filter the disorderly fluctuations, give up the fluctuations to bring you theoretical profit opportunities, the fluctuations as worthless price movements to see, which requires you not pay too much attention to the fluctuations in market prices, so that you become relatively numb. Make yourself relatively numb, but at the same time a little more stable price fluctuations will make your view of the market also up and down, too much attention to volatility will not be able to grasp the main direction of the market you can look for some trading tools to grasp the main direction of the market, rather than by focusing on the operation of the price to grasp the main direction of the market I personally believe that the average and trend lines have this function, these two tools The trend has a very good tracking effect of the average is a bent trend line, different markets, different species must have to use different averages, different states of the market must use different trend lines, they can largely filter the price of disorderly fluctuations, thereby reducing our wrong transactions through trading tools rather than by paying attention to price fluctuations we can really grasp the market trend, which is is crucial! The ability to endure loneliness and tenacity is also an important factor in grasping the trend The ability to endure loneliness and tenacity is not innate, but is based on a deep understanding of the market We already know that the trend consists of up and down price fluctuations, price fluctuations will make your capital account also up and down, whether you can endure the ups and downs of capital is an important factor in whether you can adhere to the trend of the vast majority of Investors are unable to tolerate the ups and downs of capital and the temptation of price fluctuations in advance from the trend of the train down on my personal experience, to do a trend is quite difficult, before doing the right we will often make mistakes, really looking for a big opportunity at great cost, so once you do a trend will never be easy to get out, unless your trading tools tell you that it is time to leave the field, otherwise it will always Hold, hold for as long as you can, or you pay the price in the early part of the market is difficult to make up back the real value of the trading opportunities are few and far between, a few times a year, or even once, once the early abandonment we will have nothing to gain Please note that we are discussing today is the understanding and use of the trend, for short term traders and swing traders is not so This also shows that the trend chaser to learn to give up Many short term and swing trading opportunities, which again requires us to be relatively numb to the point you must have a fairly clear pursuit of the goal, namely: I only pursue trend profits, give up volatility opportunities! This alone is enough to discourage the vast majority of investors, which is why there are very few people who really catch the trend to get the trend profits need to pay a considerable price, which includes the trend before the formation of the trend and the end of the trend of constant stop loss, also includes the market ups and downs on your torture, no such profits are difficult for investors to understand we often only see the trend to bring us profits We often see only the profits that the trend brings us, but do not see the huge price paid for such profits We are often trapped in a beautiful imagination of the trend: if the trend is formed when the field, at the end of the trend out of the field that how beautiful! This imagination glorifies the trend, but also leads to investors do not understand the trend, and thus more unable to master the trend! Without a certain trading ability and understanding of the market, grasp the trend is only a good wish only trend quotes by nature is not suitable for most investors, most investors can never get rid of the chase of volatility this is like Ye Gong good dragon, on the surface we love the trend, in fact, we prefer volatility at heart! Give up the preference for volatility in order to chase the trend, you can consider whether you can do it, otherwise do not blindly go after the trend profits! And get trend profits is far from the surface to see so easy and beautiful, you need to have a strong heart and a deep understanding of the market (Forex Academy

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